Breaking News from Ground Zero in Germany

Grizz Archer is onboard at Ground Zero. "I have always had a deep respect for German engineering. Now that I am the Product Manager at Ground Zero a whole new world has opened" Archer is pictured in the company's "Hall of Fame" room in Egmating, Germany that houses many of the company's awards and trophies.

Grizz Archer is onboard at Ground Zero. “I have always had a deep respect for German engineering. Now that I am the Product Manager at Ground Zero a whole new world has opened” Archer is pictured in the company’s “Hall of Fame” room in Egmating, Germany that houses many of the company’s awards and trophies.

EGMATING, GERMANY (05.09.2013) – Ground Zero is preparing for a new phase of growth.

Karl F. Lautner, co-founder, shares his thoughts: “As most of you know, Ground Zero has developed a strong following over the years, and we have grown our business in general. We are now convinced that the time has come to develop our company and brand in an even more professional framework.”

To facilitate this new initiative, Grizz Archer has joined the Ground Zero team as a Product Manager. Archer brings to the table 29 years of car audio experience, varying from installation, sales, tech support, international training, and speaker engineering.

Continuing, Lautner stated, “I’m confident that this experience, combined with his world wide contacts will help us to grow and improve even further. Archer will be very busy with new products and revamping technical documentation. He will also be managing the efforts and processes to bring Ground Zero back to the USA where we originally started back in the mid 90s. Both Grizz and I feel strongly about the proper fitment of Ground Zero into the American market.”

ground zero logoThrough the years, Archer has expressed his respect for German Engineering, and his passion for the car audio industry speaks for itself. When asked by 12voltnews.com about all of the big changes going on, Grizz had this to say…

“It was time. I have been coming to Europe to give seminars and go to trades shows since the mid 90s. I clearly remember when Ground Zero showed up at CES with a woofer that appeared to come from another planet. It was a mammoth-sized gold plated beast with several stacked magnets and the first-ever huge surround that they designed with Bob Carver.”

Archer continued, “Their history is deep, their engineering is phenomenal, and they do not take the cheap route with parts. I love that they make some of the finest hand-made and matched speakers in the world for SQ competition. Their SPL subs continue to be some of the very best in the world. And they make SQ and SPL amps that are nothing short of mindblowing! I’m sick of people saying that you cannot hear the difference between amplifiers. If they cannot hear the difference, then they simply cannot hear, and do not know how to listen.  It is no secret that Germany is known for it’s engineering. I have always been humble and love to learn. What better place than Ground Zero to share ideas with each other and learn from each other.”

Grizz Archer - Ground Zero Product Manager

Grizz Archer – Ground Zero Product Manager

“I’ll wear a few hats at GZ, but one of the things I’m looking forward to most is bringing GZ back to it’s roots in The States. I already have a couple business proposals, and I’m looking to get a few more, so I’m very excited about this. And I look forward to adding a few more people to my Team Grizz car audio clan, and to be instrumental in starting a Team Ground Zero USA with the chosen USA distributor.  Simply put, I’m stoked! I’m in my element! I’m happier than I have been in years. I’m working for a company that I have highly respected for 18 years, and I feel respected as well. I have the opportunity to work with another speaker engineer and bounce ideas off each other. Life is pretty badass right now!” Archer observed.

In a final question, 12voltnews.com asked, What made you decide to make such a big move and leave everything you’ve known behind?

“Well, actually, I brought my little brain with me but left everything else behind! My family is always interested in my life adventures. I starting the biggest adventure fathomable! Ya know what kills me? People always say ‘it’s a small world’. NO IT’S NOT! The world is huge. People just need to get off their ass and go see it. I live on a continent with immense history. I can see and do things that most people dream of, or are too cynical to even know exist. Heck, I drink beers that are triple to quadruple the age of the USA! While I love the USA, I love it here too and have no plans to come back anytime soon…” Archer concluded.

For more information, visit www.ground-zero-audio.com/de.