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12VoltToons – A New look at an Old Problem


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SHREVEPORT, LA (05.08.2013) – 12voltToons continues to draw attention to the “Race to Zero”. The insane “Race to Zero” will produce no winner.

Today, where is the “FAB” approach to selling on the retail (showrooming) floor? Feature, Advantage, Benefit. Point out and describe the features of a product, explain the advantage of each feature and follow with the benefit to the customer. Then ask for the order. Feature, Advantage, Benefit is a FABulous approach that is utilized by successful salespeople around the globe.

The “Race to Zero” sales approach is PPP. Price, Price, Price.

042413header250The latest 12voltToons depicts an example of the number of units that must sold just to break-even in a given scenario. If the retailer’s monthly “nut” is $9,000 that retailer must sell “X” number of units, at a profit dollar amount per unit, to cover the nut. Low end head unit sales, that net $10. profit per sale, darn sure won’t work. The average 12volt specialty shop has no chance to find a home for 900 low end products in a month.

12volt specialty retailers must sell up to feature laden merchandise that offers more profit dollars. Accurately qualify each customer and compete with online competition by utilizing a system approach. To be successful 12volt dealers must be knowledgeable, market their store as a “Brand” 24/7, develop new product categories, provide over the top installation capability, provide exceptional customer service and select their vendor partners wisely.

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