UPDATED, Gene Norvell – After 44 Years, It’s a Wrap

Gene Norvell (L) and Chuck Kenney grab a photo op with Josh Eatherly. The P&E event was Norvell's final distributor show prior to his retirement.

Gene Norvell (L) and Chuck Kenney grab a photo op with Josh Eatherly. The P&E event was Norvell’s final distributor show prior to his retirement.

Montebello, CA (03.29.2013) – Gene Norvell, the long-time VP of Sales for the Epsilon Group, is set to retire on Friday, March 29th.

“As wrap up my 44 year career it was fitting that the P&E show was my last distributor show. Their events, and countless others through the years, gave me a unique opportunity to meet and get to know so many independent 12volt retailers. Over the course of my career probably 1/3 of the weekends were spent at dealer or trade events. I must say I enjoyed very minute. The years have been a very rewarding and I will miss being in trenches every day.”

Gene Norvell at the early March Spring Break Nationals 27 event in Daytona Beach

Gene Norvell at the early March Spring Break Nationals 27 event in Daytona Beach

Though “retired” Norvell will remain very busy. Volunteer work with two local charities (Homeless Shelter and Battered Women’s Shelter) will fill portions of Norvell’s schedule. There is also the possibility of offering his time to consult to small business owners in the area.

Norvell’s schedule will also include much time with his wife, children  and grand children.

“I wish Jack, Don, John, Chuck, Ronnie and Phillip the best. The team I am leaving is extremely talented and veterans in their own right. I am sure they will enjoy continued success in the future” Novell observed as he closed his office door.

Mike Beyersdoerfer, CRUX interfacing – “Seeing Gene at his “last dance” was something I will remember. I have worked with Gene for years reaping the Epsilon lines in the Rockies for many years. I will trull miss his friendship and guidance”

Bill Mielenz, Mielenz Sales – “Gene was great to work with. When you asked a question, or wanted advise, he gave it readily. I will miss working with him and I am looking forward to working with Chuck and the Epsilon team moving forward”

Vince Vogler , Dragon Distributing – Wow, where do I start?  We have been business partners, as well as friends with Gene. dating back to 1998 and have watched him help build Epsilon Electronics into a major force in the mobile electronics industry.

If there was ever a true visionary in the 12volt industry, it is Gene Norvell!  From the Splash Series amplifiers with built-in neon, to the worlds first single-din 8.3″ motorized multimedia unit, he has always had his finger on the pulse of the mobile electronics industry.  I will never forget the day he was in our offices in Kansas City and said “Are you ready to see something that is going to make you a ton of money and change the car audio industry as we know it?”  With that he pulled out a 4″ or 5″ raw monitor and went on to explain that this is a refurbished screen from a Pachinko machine and your dealers are going to install them in vehicles. The rest is history; welcome to in-car entertainment.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is we truly appreciate the relationship we have shared with Gene throughout the years and wish him the best with his next adventure…. called retirement.  Thanks for the Ride!

Mike Clark, First Choice Marketing  “Gene and I traveled the roads together over 20 years. We called on dealers in  Michigan, Virginia, Indiana and Ohio with a number of lines including LA Sound and Profile. We shared many good times and I wish Gene, and his family, many happy years.

Steven Zanki, Z Marketing Specialists – I also worked with Gene for 19 plus years. Gene always offered sound professional guidance to my sales team and me over the years.  A big thanks to you from all of us at Z Marketing Specialists and Happy Trails to you!

John Kelly

John Kelly

John Kelly, Epsilon General Sales Manager – “I worked with Gene for 19 years – 6 years as a rep and 13 years with The Epsilon Group. It’s been a wonderful relationship, not only because he was my boss, but also a great friend. I will especially miss our phone calls and his laugh. No matter how good it was, or challenging, Gene always made me feel all would work out for the best. I am really going to miss my friend.”

Below are thoughts from a few of Gene’s co-workers, colleagues and friends. 12voltnews.com would like to update this post to include your thoughts. Please email your input to mike@12voltnews.com.

Mick French, VP The Wholesale House – “We definitely have mixed emotions about Gene’s retirement. He has been a terrific asset in The Wholesale House’s dealings with the Epsilon Group’s brands for many years. We will miss him and his visits to Hicksville greatly. However, we are also very happy that our friend Gene will be able toy slow down and enjoy life. Gene did a great job in mentoring his replacement, Chuck Kenney, for a smooth transition. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Chuck over the past year and working with him many years to come.”

Tim Healy, Healy Sales – “Gene was so professional and did a lot to help us grow our business. That work developed into a longterm friendship between Gene, my late brother Mike, and me. Gene’s was the rep meeting we always looked forward to the most. He knew the programs we needed and he really knew the ins and outs of all the products. Gene and I even walked away from a serious accident, in the black Lexus, on the way to the Philly airport years ago.”

Morris Hartman, Big Daddy”s Wholesale – “Gene is a real gentleman. Over the past 20 years we have done business and have not done business. Even in the times we were not doing business he would still come to our office in Brooklyn to maintain our relationship. Through the years Gene has been instrumental in the growth of our industry. I remember the Profile and LA Sound days with Gene.”

Ronnie Brashear, The Epsilon Group – “Gene is truly a pro. It’s been a pleasure to work under him even thought it has been a short time. I really picked up a lot from Gene as we move forward in security business.”

Bob Anderson, N-Motion – “Gene is an amazing individual. He is a selling machine that really knows his products. From a reps standpoint he has always been good to our firm and our dealers. A really straight shooter.”

Gene Norvell was all business as he worked to get the Soundstream booth set at SBN 27.

Gene Norvell was all business as he worked to get the Soundstream booth set at SBN 27.

Norvell has been keeping the pedal to the medal through the last days at The Epsilon Group. The early spring brings a large number dealer events and Gene has stuck to his travel schedule. “I am not comfortable sitting back. CES and the distributor show circuit is so important for a successful year. I wanted to do all I could to ensure The Epsilon Group’s continued success. We had a great early March event at SBN 27 with LECSO and DOW. Paul Papadeas has been very supportive over the past 27 years. Moe Sabourin and IASCA too. After other March distributor shows the P&E Show brought down the curtain on a very rewarding 44 years in the electronics industry” Norvell concluded.