Alpha-Nav Sponsors Super Group – Royal Southern Brotherhood

Inphase Brian Swanson familiarizes Devon Allman with Alpha-Nav before setting course.

Fremont, CA (02.19.2013) –Alpha-Nav, a leader in InCar Multimedia Entertainment, is launching a new advertising campaign that utilizes touring musicians as proponents for the value of their products.

Because bands have a built-in sphere of influence and spend a lot of time driving from town to town, they make an ideal candidate to endorse the Alpha-Nav line of products that are designed to enrich the driving experience.

“I was super excited when our rep Jeff “Boody” Budin came to me with this unique opportunity,” states Alpha-Nav Vice President Melvin Lee. “The idea of sponsoring a tour van full of famous musicians was pretty creative and seems like a no-brainer!”

The first group chosen to road test the Alpha-Nav line is the supergroup, Royal Southern Brotherhood (affectionately known as RSB).  Jeff Budin, of SMS Inc and Boody’s Garage fame arranged for RSB to have the Alpha-Nav dashboard model, AN5650NV installed in RSB’s touring van at InPhase Car Audio in Omaha, Nebraska, where the band will be making a tour stop.

Alpha-Nav Head Unit

Alpha-Nav AN5650NV

Royal Southern Brotherhood is fronted by the legendary Cyril Neville, Devon Allman (son of Gregg Allman) and Mike Zito, a Blues Music Award winner. The rhythm section, comprised of Grammy-winning drummer Yonrico Scott and bass virtuoso Charlie Wooten is equally notable. In 2012, RSB released their self-titled CD on Ruf Records and garnered both popular and critical acclaim. Among the accolades bestowed upon Royal Southern Brotherhood was inclusion on Rolling Stone Senior Editor David Fricke’s best of 2012 list.

The Alpha-Nav (AN5650NV) will allow Royal Southern Brotherhood to use maps, Bluetooth, DVD/CD and their various auxiliary devices (such as the iPhone and iPod), so they can enjoy all the comforts of home while on the road

Royal Southern Brotherhood performing live

Royal Southern Brotherhood played to a SOLD OUT crowd in Omaha.

Inphase Car Audio owner Dave Eary has been a lifelong supporter of RSB guitarist Mike Zito. “We love doing anything we can for these musicians,” tells Eary “I can’t imagine what it’s like being cooped up in a van as long as these guys are. Our installers are always excited when Boody brings us opportunities like these.”

Because Royal Southern Brotherhood is a union of 5 individually successful musicians, the band has a plethora of vans to choose from when they tour. So which van is the lucky recipient of the Alpha-Nav upgrade? Why, Devon Allman’s, of course!

“The van is the cornerstone of our business of bringing rock, soul & blues to the people of America,” explains Allman. “We log the hours in the van city to city to accomplish this. Having a unit like Alpha-Nav keeps us timely and enables us to be entertained in high fashion on the way to the next city. This unit is an absolute beast! We look forward to bragging it up on social media and other web resources. BIG THANKS to Boody, Mel at Alpha-Nav and the boys at Inphase. Ya’ll Kick Butt ! ”
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For more information, visit www.alpha-nav.com.

Royal Southern Brotherhood (left to right) -Scott ,Allman, Zito, Neville, Wooten

Royal Southern Brotherhood (left to right) – Scott , Allman, Zito, Neville, Wooten

Jeff gives van the "Boody's Garage" stamp of approval. (with Devon Allman)

Jeff Budin (R) gives the group’s van the “Boody’s Garage” stamp of approval with Devon Allman.

Inphase's Dave Eary with Devon Allman

Inphase Owner Dave Eary (L) with Devon Allman.