Zoom.us Calling the 12Volt Industry

Shreveport, LA (09.07.12)Zoom.us is a new group video chat service. Different that any other service, Zoom.us is at this time completely free, allows for up to 15 callers in one group chat and doesn’t require you to join a new social network by letting you log in with your Google account or Facebook credentials. Zoom.us also is completely cross-platform capable, working on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Many in the 12volt industry have used Skype, Google Hangouts and other video conferencing services. 12voltnews.com wanted to give this new service a real world test. Please note their was no commission paid or other consideration. As noted this was an in the field test of zoom.us.

On Wednesday, September 5th, 12voltnews.com put zoom.us to the test during a video conference call with the group spearheading the upcoming Joint Finals Sound-Off event in Indianapolis the weekend of October 6th and 7th. Celise and Wayne Harris – DB DragRacing, Moe Sabourin – IASCA and Ralph Randall – USACi joined a zoom.us call originated by Mike Van Horn and 12voltnews.com. The call lasted just over 90 minutes and was free.

Watch the video to the left for an interview with Walt Mossberg.

“We learned of the zoom.us product from a recent article in the WallStreet Journal. The review had good things to say about the service so we decided to give it a try. Everything worked just as the article stated” Van Horn observed.

This image shows 12voltnews.com’s Van Horn displayed on the iPad screen during the Zoom.us call.

An email was sent to the Joint Finals group to schedule the call days before the zoom.us call. On the day of the call an email, containing a link, was sent to the group. At the appointed time of 10:30 AM 12voltnews.com initiated the zoom.us call and Celise, Wayne, Moe and Ralph clicked the link and joined the video call.

“It was really cool to see our group put this technology to work so smoothly. The audio and video quality was very good. An image of the person speaking to a point appeared in a large block on the monitor” Van horn stated.

Celise Harris commented “The zoom.us video call worked really well for the 3 organizations to get together to talk about event logistics at the upcoming Joint Finals in Indy. We clicked the link in Mike’s email and all was set. Wayne has used other video conferencing programs before and thought zoom.us worked super.”

Both Randall and Sabourin had very positive comments about the zoom.us video call.

“During the zoom.us call I was using my iPad and actually walking about the office for part of the time on the call. Truly amazing” Van Horn concluded.

12voltnews.com encourages members of the 12Volt industry to embrace new and upcoming technology opportunities.

The Joint Finals, combining DB Drag Racing, IACSA and USACi competitors under one roof, will be held in a 70,000 square foot facility on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The dates are October 6th and 7th, Saturday and Sunday respectively.