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Morel Set for Knowledgefest 2012

“Dealers experiencing the sound in Morel’s VW Jetta can register to win a Morel component system and sub valued  at $1258.”
Casey Thorson

Grapevine, TX (08.16.12)– Morel will make a major statement at Knowledgefest 2012. A significant booth on the show floor plus a demo vehicle, located in the vehicle area, will provide Knowledgefest attendees with an opportunity to see the 2012 Morel 12volt product line. Importantly, 12volt retailers will also be able to experience how close Morel has come to achieving the sound of a live performance in a car.

“Morel’s hi-fi home audio flagship, the fat lady, helped to shape the development of our new car audio speaker range,” Russell Kauffman, Morel’s technical director explains. “The valuable know-how our R&D acquired developing the fat lady inspired us to look for new ways to build car audio systems that could genuinely recreate the “live experience”—that electric feeling of “being there” at a concert.”

“We plan to give dealers attending Knowledgefest a sound quality experience by which they will judge all others. At Knowledgefest we will show the Virtus, Hybrid, Elate and Supremo lines. Casey Thorson related to “Those who audition Morel’s VW Jetta will have an opportunity to register to win a Virtus 603 and Primo 104 subwoofer . We look forward to seeing the smiles on every face that experiences the award winning Morel automotive products” concluded.

The new car audio range, led by the SUPREMO 602, Morel’s flagship and recipient of the 2012 CES Innovation Award, offers newly styled component systems ranging from $199usd to $5,000usd retail, providing many options for the consumer to enjoy their music in the car.

“Key features for the new system range include; the new MXR (Morel Crossover Resolution) crossover networks, and redesigned and optimized driver parameters to more closely match the acoustic characteristics of a car. The benefits of this design directive are aimed minimizing the effects of poor speaker location while providing a very stable sound stage regardless of the listener position in the car,” concludes Kauffman.

For more information, visit or call +972 8 930 1161. In the US call Morel America toll-free at 877-morel-11.