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The BOYO A-PASS Touch – It's Keyless

Innovative QR Spot Display Introduced

FULLERTON, CA (07.04.12) – The A-PASS Touch is an exciting product from BOYO that provides convenience and safety for consumers plus real profit opportunities for 12volt retailers.

It happens more often than you might think. Typically, it happens when a person gets out of their car – locking and shutting the doors to the car while forgetting their keys inside.

However, there are more ways than one to lock your keys inside. Many aftermarket car security systems and even some factory based systems have “passive arming” which will automatically rearm and lock your car after a period of time. Sometimes, a child or pet could “accidentally” lock the car.

This image shows a BOYO A-PASS Touch installed on Rocco Guglielmello’s Chevy pickup.

Traditionally, a person would either call a friend or family member to bring a spare key (assuming they are available and nearby). The other option would be to call a locksmith and have them unlock it “manually” – causing possible damage and certainly an expensive fee for their services.

The A-PASS Touch is a simple add-on module installed behind the front windshield of a vehicle. You can assign your own 4-10 digit PIN CODE which you can change at any time. In the event that you lock the keys inside, you can simply “touch” your PIN code on the module from outside your windshield. Once the last digit is accepted, you will hear two chirps and the door will unlock automatically.

Joe Palilla , Potomac Sales, stated, “The A-PASS Touch makes physical activities like swimming, hiking, jogging or camping convenient be allowing you to lock your keys in your car. While traveling from an airport, you can leave your keys in your car and not worry about losing your keys far from home.  The A-PASS Touch also make it easy for multiple drivers to use the same vehicle or if you are away and someone needs to gain access to your car.”

“At Model Electronics we think the A-PASS Touch has a place in the market. I can pitch my keys on the floor of my pickup and not carry them around during outdoor activities” Guglielmello commented to

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The interactive BOYO A-PASS Touch display, featuring a QR Code linked to a QR Spot, pictured in the studios.

Shreveport, LA (07.04.12) – The BOYO A-PASS Touch represents a substantial profit opportunity for 12volt specialty retailers. Displaying the product, that has safety and convenience benefits for consumers, has been difficult. created a solution. “After receiving the A-PASS Touch press release we started thinking which led to asking questions about the acceptance of the product in the marketplace. We learned the A-PASS Touch was a product that worked well, but that it was somewhat difficult to display” Mike Van Horn stated for

“The display, and acrylic literature holder, creates an active display that easily sets on a sales counter.” Mike Van Horn

“We saw a need to engage consumers with the A-PASS Touch. A small countertop display, with an attractive graphic, was the answer to attract attention. A QR Code on the graphic, linked to a QR Spot video, could “tell” the A-PASS Touch story to consumers.” Van horn added.

Scan this QR Code with your smartphone to experience the QR Spot created for the BOYO A-PASS Touch.

An 8.5×11 acrylic literature holder houses the A-PASS Touch graphic. The A-PASS Touch module mounts on the backside of the acrylic display which simulates an actual windshield installation. With a 12volt power source the A-PASS Touch system, including active LED’s, is active.

“We are doing a lot with QR Codes. Over 100,000,000 cellphone subscribers in the US are carrying smartphones. Developing this display concept for the A-PASS Touch was another way to show the 12volt industry the power of QR Codes and our QR Spot videos” Van Horn concluded.

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