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This vintage Mustang shows one of the possiblities from Redline Lumtronix.

Biloxi, MS (06.25.12) – RedLine LumTronix, LLC, a worldwide provider of lighting products for vintage vehicles (1936-1979), debuted their new angel eyes LED halo for their “Classic Cars Headlight Makeover” at Scrapin’ the Coast.

The revolutionary diamond series headlights feature two halo types: single color white halo and 16 multi-color in both 7” and 5-3/4” size headlights. This makeover headlight modernizes the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) headlight from a low visibility parabolic lens headlight to a 50% brighter crystal clear lens with an angel eyes LED halo that adds a stylish look to any classic vehicle. This look is similar to the Daylight Running Lights (DLR) feature on the new Audi and BMW.

Tony Giametta shows the company’s lineup in the booth on the floor at Scrapin’ the Coast.

Brighter lighting and daylight running lights provide safety features for your automobile. The single color white halo uses the same vibrant and brilliant LEDs, giving it style, class and sophistication. Multi-color halos are popular at night cruise-ins. The color of the halo changes to red or orange with a credit card size remote with 16 colors, giving your classic car a look to go along with the growl of your engine. This headlight works in all make and model cars, trucks and even motor bikes, manufactured from 1936 to 1979. It also works in modern vehicles that still use a 7-inch headlight including the Jeep, Hummer, Toyota and Range Rover.

RedLine LumTronix LLC, was founded in 2011 by Tony and Joseph Giametta, to create a new marketplace for headlight and lighting technology that compliments classic vehicles of all ages, The company is headquartered in Ocean Springs, MS.

For more information, visit their website at or call 1.855.852.6435.