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AMD Hosts Windows Film Installation Sessions

Students soak up knowledge on SolarGard Film installation.

Chicago, IL (06.25.12) – AM Distributors announced the company’s entry into the window film, and ClearShield, product categories during the spring AMD Dealer Show. The hands-on training and installation sessions, organized by AMD the week of June 18th, were an extension of the company’s commitment to the category.

“Window tinting is big business and can be very profitable category for 12volt retailers. We investigated the category for some time and made the decision early this year to become a window SolarGard film distributor.” George McGoldrick told

One of the students putting the finishing touches on a rear quarter window.

McGoldrick continued, “The ClearShield protection product was a natural companion. Dealers attending our spring show showed a tremendous interest and these training sessions were designed to provide our window film and ClearShield dealers with the tools they need to be successful”

The Broadview S.W.A.T. team Hummer was one of the SolarGard project vehicles.

The training and installation sessions were conducted at the Broadview, IL Fire Department station house. The weather was ideal for window tinting – a hot and humid 95 degrees. A total of 16 individuals participated in the sessions hosted by Rob Gario and Gary Benoit from SolarGard. Each class was limited to 4 students and lasted a full 10 hours. The ClearShield sessions were half days. Two Fire Department’s Hummers, including the SWAT Hummer, were tinted by students.

George McGoldrick

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“These were the best training sessions we have ever conducted. The cost of the class was $300. per student and they left filled with knowledge and techniques plus a complete set of tools, materials and a their vehicle tinted. We served a delicious lunch too. I can’t thank our friends at the Broadview Fire Department enough. The facility was perfect. Rob and Gary provided some extremely valuable information for the students. They were super” McGoldrick concluded.

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ClearShield can add years of protection for a high priced vehicle. This Broadview Fire Department Station provided an excellent environment for the windows film training sessions.

Students listen intently for the latest window film techniques from SolarGard.