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CRUX Makes a "Beeline" to Ship GM OEM Solutions

RESEDA, CA (04.30.12) – CRUX Interfacing Solutions offers Bluetooth connectivity vehicle kits that provide a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates mobile phones with OEM radios in a wide range of vehicles.

CRUX has started shipping newly released Beeline Bluetooth solution that integrates with General Motors / Chevrolet OEM radios. The BEEBG-33 is compatible with most 2006-2012 GM vehicles and has been long anticipated by 12volt retailers, especially in the SUV and light truck market segment.

Ever since vehicle manufacturers have begun offering state of the art factory-installed audio systems (w/ Bose amplification etc.), many vehicle owners desire to retain their OEM radios while preferring to add enhanced new features (e.g. Bluetooth) etc. With the BEEBG-33 the original factory look, OnStar and steering wheel controls are preserved in a seamless manner.

“The CRUX product line is being very well received in our territory” Greg McKinney related to McKinney Sales was recently appointed the CRUX rep firm for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. “We have samples in the field and CRUX products are truly “plug & play” with no extra harnesses and accessories to purchase – it’s in the box.”

“We have Bluetooth interface solutions that make it easy to get the installation completed and the cell phone paired. Hands-free legislation continues to progress throughout states and municipalities across the U.S. CRUX can put 12volt retailers and expeditors into a very profitable category with a very minimal investment” BEI’s President Mike Beyersdoerfer told

The CRUX tech team continually updates installation information on the company’s website. Check back often for new OEM solutions.

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