Weather Can't Dampen Enthusiasm at Mid-State's Omaha Show

Dealers filled this training session hosted by ADS iDataLink's Phil Camirand.

OMAHA, NE (04.18.12) – The Mid-State dealer show in Omaha, the second in the company’s 3-event schedule, dodged tornadoes and hail the weekend of April 14th and 15th. “Severe weather reports changed a few plans and caused travel problems” Mid-State’s Tom Kolar related to 12voltnews.com. “Saturday training sessions and steak dinner went on as scheduled and Sunday we had strong winds. However, the weather didn’t stop dealers wanting to see new products and take advantage of the great show specials.”

This Hummer, loaded with db Drive product, was a hit on the show floor.

USA Spec’s Bob Morgan and Accele’s Chris Way were traveling on Saturday from LA to Omaha for the Mid-Sate event when the weather changed their plans. Their flight from Salt Lake to Omaha was cancelled due to weather. Rescheduling wasn’t really an option to make the show on time. Disappointed, Morgan and Way spent their weekends back in Los Angeles.

“The Mid-State show was very good for us at Scyek. I am new on board with Scytek as the National Sales Manager” industry veteran Ron Basoff told 12voltnews.com. “Mid-State is a strong supporter of our brand and they are excited about our new product offerings that include cameras and window film that round out our company’s security and remote starter products.”

Kelly Cooly during setup of the awesome Solace display. Big thanks to Pioneer's Bob Coyle for the image.

The show floor layout in the warehouse area of Mid-State facility was well defined. Vendor booths around the perimeter provided easy access and showcased demo vehicles on site that included a Hummer loaded with DB Drive gear, a HHR filled with JBL and a classic ’35 Chevy valued at $125K.

“The dealers attending the Pioneer training session late Saturday afternoon were really into learning more about the sell up features of the 2012 Pioneer line. The next day, during the show, they were still asking questions” Bob Coyle commented to 12voltnews.com.

StreetGlow's Charlie Cotroneo is flanked by Mid-State VP Jeff Hedden (L) and Sale Manager Tom Kolar.

A highlight of the Mid-State show was the Solace booth. Kelly Cooley and Jim Speers traveled from Edmonton, Alberta Canada to formally introduce the Solace security and remote starter line to Mid-State dealers. The stunning display set the stage for the upscale Solace product line. Speers trailered the display the 1100 plus miles from western Canada to Omaha.

“The wether was really sketchy Saturday night. We all enjoyed a great steak and Randy cooked one of the thickest I have ever seen. While eating we all kept an eye on the weather” Metra’s Jeff Fletcher related to 12voltnews.com.

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StreetGlow was introduced as a new Mid-State vendor. “There was a tremendous amount of interest from dealers. It was non-stop for me all through the show” StreetGlow’s National Sales Manager Charles Cotroneo told 12voltnews.com on Sunday from the show floor in Omaha. “Adding lighting to a vehicle or boat can make such a strong visual.The lighting category represents a strong profit opportunity and many 12volt retailers are seeing the light, so to speak. Many told me they are so happy to see StreetGlow taking the lead to promote this category.”

The list of brands and representatives traveling to Omaha included Pioneer – Bob Coyle, Renegade – Don Montgomery, Boss Audio – Jeremy Hartwell (Select Sales) JBL/Infinity  – Randy Strunk and Joe Shaffer (Creative Sales and Marketing), Rostra Wendall Jones (CircleB), ADS – Phil Camirand and Robert Di Desare, Scytek – Ron Basoff, MITO – Adam Olmsted, db Research Rick Alaniz and Jeff Budin, BOYO, SPAL – Justin Toler, PIE Eddie Lucero, Vizualogic – Brian Torres, Brandmotion – Goeff Dixon and Wendall Jones (CircleB), Metra, Tsunami, Axxess and Install Bay with Jeff Fletcher.

“At the Omaha show we grilled over 100lbs of prime beef. For our Fargo show the grill will be hot again and we will have a super line up of vendors and training sessions. Look forward to seeing you in Fargo on April 26th and 27th,” Randy Balzum, Mid-State, told 12voltnews.com

For more information visit https://www.midstatedistributing.com.

A Big 12voltnews.com thanks to Charles Cotroneo of StreetGlow and Mid-State.

Brian Torres, Vizualogic VP who flew in from Corona CA, makes a point during his presentation.

This screen shows the weather radar on Saturday night. The large weather system at about 11 o’clock is over Omaha.

Randy Strunk, Creative Sales and Marketing, provided retailers with selling points for the Infinity amplifier line.

Phil Camirand goes over installation procedure with one of the ADS iDatalink products.

Pioneer’s Bob Coyle covered the company’s feature laden line for 2012, including the new app Radio 2 and the MIXTRAX head unit.

This HHR, loaded with JBL and Infinity was loud and clean.

Members of the Mid-State’s team with “Chef Randy”. (L to R) Jeff Hedden, Randy Balzum, Stephanie Olson, TJ Kolar, Tom Kolar and Bryan Kendall.

The ’36 Chevy was safe in the Mid-State warehouse - out of the storm’s path.