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Phoenix Gold Now Shipping Elite-Series Amplifiers

Phoenix Gold Launches New High-End Line of Car Audio Amplifiers Designed to Deliver Power and Performance for Even the Pickiest Audiophile

Tampa Bay, FL (04.04.12) – Phoenix Gold® ( today formally launched its new Elite-Series of car stereo components with the introduction of three high-end amplifiers: the Elite.1, Elite.2 and Elite.4. These new Elite-Series amplifiers feature audio components typically found in top-quality home systems, and an elegant housing design that highlights the amplifiers’ electronics and heritage. The result is the finest sounding and best looking amplifier series Phoenix Gold has ever built.

"The Phoenix Gold Elite series was a crowd pleaser at SBN 26." Ken Wiseman

The new Phoenix Gold Elite-Series amplifiers feature Burr Brown op-amps – typically used in the most high-end of high-end home systems – for ultra-low distortion/noise and high-speed/bandwidth for maximum musical resolution, as well as Monolithic signal capacitors, dual-package Sanken output transistors and overbuilt dual unregulated power supplies with handwound power supply transformers. All this comes together to deliver seemingly unlimited frequency response and smashing dynamic range. Elite-Series amplifier specs are as follows:

Cosmetically the amplifiers feature a sleek, contoured heat sink with smoked, translucent Plexiglas tops that highlight the impressive electrical design. Elite amplifiers are shipped in sophisticated black felt protective bags and come with a birth certificate which guaranteed they will outperform their published power ratings!         

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