Mid-State's Three-City Show Schedule Kicked Off In Shreveport

The cool Saturday evening was a great time for dealers to relax and network.

SHREVEPORT, LA (04.02.12) – Mid-State Distributing’s 2012 show schedule kicked off in Shreveport, LA on Saturday and Sunday. March 31st and April 1st respectively.

Nearly two dozen brands were displayed in the warehouse area of the Mid-State facility just north of downtown Shreveport.

Dealers line up for the Saturday night fish fry.

Mid-States Tom Kolar, along with Bryan Kendall and TJ Kolar, flew in from Omaha. Company VP Jeff Hedden traveled from Des Moines and Randy Balzum from Fargo, ND. Hedden told 12voltnews.com on site “The Shreveport branch serves a big slice of the overall territory we serve – that actually stretches from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian border for several of the brands we distribute. This year’s show was solid. We had a good percentage of bigger orders.”

“We had over 50 dealers from the area pre-register for our show in Shreveport this year. The actual turnout was very good. Saturday afternoon featured training sessions for Vizualogic, Metra, Scytek and ADS/iDatalink. Saturday night’s dinner, with great fried catfish and the fixin’s, was a great opportunities for dealers to network and show off the systems in their rides in a relaxed atmosphere. Sunday was show day and dealers were at the door at the 9 AM opening.”

Late Sunday afternoon found this Mid-State team checking the numbers. (L to R) Tom Kolar, TJ Kolar, Randy Balzum and Bryan Kendall.

Bryan Kendall, who is new on board with Mid-State, was on roller skates as he tried to met with all his dealers – some traveling from Houston and southern Louisiana and Mississippi. The Shreveport branch is set in the middle of Kendall’s territory of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. “We had great deals and dealers traveled to our show in pickups and SUV’s to pick up their gear save freight,” Kendall stated.

This Sunday image shows dealers putting together order and meeting with vendors.

Brands represented at the show included DB Drive, Metra, Quantum, Brandmotion, Rostra, OKUR, Tsunami, Accele, Axxess,  Renegade, DB Link, USA Spec, Vizualogic, StreetGlow, Boss Audio, OPTX Marine, ADS/iDatalink, Bazooka, XS Power and Scytek.

A good number of factory personnel and reps, many traveling great distances, were on hand. Robert Di Desare and Phil Camirand, ADS, traveled from Montreal. Di Desare is the company’s General Manager and Camirand is a very special product specialist. Accele’s Joshua Conant traveled in from  LA for the show.

Mid-State’s Jeff Hedden (L) and Metra’s Jeff Fletcher checking dealer specials on Saturday afternoon.

DB Drive partner Morris Varon was in from Harlingen, TX and Bazooka founder Jon Jordan up from Baton Rouge. Jeremy York, from Denver, made this his first Mid-State Shreveport Show.  Tempe, AZ based Don Montgomery showed the latest Renegade Audio products. Metra’s Jeff Fletch journeyed from Holly Hill, FL to show the latest Metra kits and accessories plus Install Bay, Tsunami and Axxess.

Reps on hand included Dave Gill, SMS, with a long list of brands that included Scytek, Vizualogic, DB Drive and Bazooka. Circle B’s Bill Bethune was joined by Darrell Burt, to show the Rostra and Brandmotion lines.

Make plans now to attend the Mid-State show in Omaha on April 14th & 15th or the show in Fargo on April 26th & 27th.

For more information visit https://www.midstatedistributing.com.

Don Montgomery, Renegade Regional Sales Manager, got a lot of dealer interest with the Renegade Audio show specials.

Dave Gill, SMS, conducting a Saturday afternoon session for Vizualogic.

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