Big Daddy's Show – Packs the House

Big Daddy's Show is a time for dealers to see products, network and have a very enjoyable evening with friends.

BROOKLYN, NY (03.28.12) – The buzz in Metro NYC is still Big Daddy’s show that took place on Thursday, March 22nd at the company’s Kent Avenue facility.

“We had an absolutely fantastic show – there must have been 500 people jammed into our facility. I am one of the ‘gun boys’ – I am shot” Morris Hartman told 12voltnews.com on Friday morning, March 23rd.

Over two dozen brands were represented at Big Daddy’s event.

Will Sullivan, ProLine – Brooklyn, told 12voltnews.com “This was the best show Morris ever had. Dealers and vendors were so focused on doing business. The floor layout was super and the vendor support was amazing.”

Boyo's Isaiah Lee (L) and Morris Hartman (C) pictured with area dealers.

Al Congdon, Rockford Corp., relayed to 12voltnes.com, “Everyone always looks forward to this show and as always Morris out did himself.  The show was exceptionally well attended and his New York dealers were very positive.  Our Helix product was very well received and dealers seemed excited about being able to buy higher end products on a just-in-time basis.”

Mobileye, featuring industry leading lane departure and heads up technology, got a tremendous amount of attention at the Big Daddy’s event. Mark Medawar, National Sales Manager, stated “The seat in the Mobileye simulator stayed very warm. Dealers were behind the wheel all evening. There is a lot of dealer awareness for the category and dealers are seeing the profit opportunity.”

Pete DiComo (R) and Charlie Freund of E Distributors on the floor at the Big Daddy's show.

Pete DiCosmo, P&S Marketing, was in the house showing the latest Valor Multimedia and BOYO gear. “Valor Nav had a very hot show special and BOYO was again a crowd favorite with DVRs especially hot. It was an extremely busy show with lots of orders being written. Morris is a real P.T. Barnum – he promotes.”

AudioControl, Brax, Helix, CrimeStopper, Clarion and Cerwin Vega were joined by CodeAlarm, Dynamat, EchoMaster and Encore. Moonraker Films and GuidePoint Tracking too.

The 2012 MTX line was highlighted on the stage at Big Daddy's show.

Kleinn Air Horns pierced the night. FlashLogic, Lightning Audio, Blinder, MTX, VMax and Renegade Audio were set up on the floor.

“Jamie and Jason did a great job for MTX. They know many of our dealers from past shows and know what it takes in the NYC market” Hartman commented.

Philips daylight running lights was a new brand at Big Daddy’s event. “We have the product in stock and it is selling well. 12volt retailers can develop this category as a big profit center. Let’s get started” Hartman observed.

The Clarion booth was one of the most popular on the show floor.

Doug Kern (L) and Morris Hartman show a dealer the SSL line that new at Big Daddy's.