HiTech with Sound of TriState at the Philadelphia Auto Show

PHILADELPHIA, PA (01.31.12) – The 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show Is drawing huge crowds to the Philadelphia Convention Center in downtown Philly. This year’s event is billed as the 110st edition. Over 700 vehicles are inside the massive 550,000 square foot show area. Car manufacturers are showing new models, many with new hi tech connectivity onboard. In addition, attendees are seeing Classics, exotics, tuners and concept vehicles. The Porsche 991 is making a debut.

Jamie White (L) and Hank Simon positioned to highlight the safety features offered with the Mobileye collision avoidance product.

Jamie White, Opus Marketing is working the event and told 12voltnews.com “We had to park and walk from about 3 blocks further away this year than last -that definitely means a larger crowd. Once we got into the hall it was wall to wall people.” White and other Opus staff members are working the Sound of Tri State booth with the DEI and Mobileye brands.

Sound of Tri-Starte’s Mehdi Narimanian states to 12voltnews.com “This is our 4th year to exhibit at the Philadelphia Auto Show. It is such a wonderful venue to reach consumers who are interested in cars and vehicles of all types. Our vendor support is exceptional. Rep firms are giving us such strong support. Our staff is working hard to engage as many consumers as possible. Over the first 2 days we captured over 750 email addresses and are already beginning to follow up with them.”

Mobileye’s Hank Simon related to 12voltnews.com “Attendees at the show are very interested in the Mobileye technology. Saving lives, Bluetooth technology and distracted driving issues are on people’s minds. The new Mobileye 5 series and intelligent vision is really getting strong attention.”

“Saturday and Sunday were packed. Farenheit sells well at Sound of Tri State and we work to support their events” John Kelly commented to 12voltnews.com.

The Philadelphia Auto Show runs almost 2 weeks – from January 28th until February 5th. Stay tuned to 12voltnews.com for much more.

The Philadelphia Convention Center devotes over half a million square feet to this event.

Sound of TriState puts new technologies, their vendors and the Sound of TriState brand in front of consumers at the Philadelphia Auto Show.