CES 2012 Press Releases

MECA at CES 2012 and Phoenix

MECA's Steve Stern (L) presents 12voltnews.com with the organizations "2011 Best Press Coverage" award.

Las Vegas, NV / Phoenix, AZ (01.19.12) – MECA Commissioner Steve Stern worked the CES event in Las Vegas, and then went to Phoenix, AZ to conduct Judge Training on Saturday, January 14th, and then directed the Sunday 3X triple points regional Winter Soundfest with over 30 vehicles registered in SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests. Judge Training was held at Stereo Joe’s shop in Glendale and the Soundfest was at Triple R Performance in Mesa. Stern worked with Event Co-ordinator Michael Earl from Wired For Sound Audio to orchestrate the weekend festivities for MECA Members and the 12-volt and car show communities.

Winners of the Phoenix Event

Jeremy Boyd (Team W4S) earned the Best of Best of Show big trophy for outstanding performance in the audio contests. He had the best scores in Park & Pound, Sound Pressure, Install, and Sound Quality, and RTA Freq Out competitions, and the highest overall points total.

Sound-Off circuit legend Alma Gates was on hand and feeling good. Is there a come back?

Alma Gates (Team Gates) made a featured appearance, talking with old and new friends, and, of course, signing t-shirts. Alma was the 2005 Sound Quality League Champion with the best sounding vehicle at Finals. Her name is first on MECA’s Culbertson Cup, started that year to honor MECA Hall-of-Famer Jim Culbertson, who died from cancer in 2004.

Stats on Stern’s trip: 13 days, 4142 miles, 259.5 gallons of gas for $816, at 16 mpg in the Ford E-150 van. CES was good, but working with the Arizona Judges and Competitors was the highlight of the trip.

More events are being planned for Arizona for an exciting and fun 2012 season. Check the Event/Show Schedule at www.mecacaraudio.com for confirmed events. MECA’s www.youtube.com/themecacaraudio site will be showcasing a slide show of pics from the event.