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Audiomobile Introducing 6 New Series at “CARS Expo”

Las Vegas, NV (01.03.12) – Audiomobile, the legendary car audio brand, has announced they will be introducing 6 new advanced technology subwoofer series, at the inaugural Car Audio Retailers Solutions (“CARS”) Expo at The Palms January 10 – 12. The CARS Expo will be open from 11 am till 8 pm, Tuesday thru Thursday. The goal of the CARS Expo is to bring together a number of top-drawer, specialty manufacturer’s, all who share a common customer profile, providing retailers with a one-stop destination to help them potentially improve their merchandising mix and business in the new year. Audiomobile will be debuting over a dozen new, advanced technology loudspeakers, all featuring smallform factor, low-profile, high-performance designs, including compact neodymium motors, and inverted voice-coil topology, plus exotic, ceramic alloy cones, more likely to be found in premium audiophile home and ‘Prosound’ loudspeakers. These drivers represent the culmination of over a decade of Research and Development on how to address both increased performance and power-handling, while also solving the Increasingly challenging installation issues in today’s typical vehicle application.

See Audiomobile at the CARS Expo in the Palms.

Focused on providing dramatically improved performance to the upscale, boutique specialty retailer segment, Audiomobile is uniquely positioned as a true, profit-refuge, with cutting-edge low-frequency subwoofers, while offering very attractive, high-value price points. This is a retailer’s best and most effective defense to help combat margin pressure in key categories, due to the reality of ever increasing Internet distribution.

According to Matthew Overpeck, VP of Sales and Marketing, “Audiomobile will represent a synergy of advanced loudspeaker technologies, combined with ‘old-school’ distribution integrity, where the focus of the company is on delivering exceptional sound-quality and smaller form-factor to the customer, while helping selected, upscale 12 volt retailers to sell more upscale price points, and the improved collateral revenue benefits that accompany this, with enhanced ROI due to our just-in-time delivery architecture.” Overpeck continued; “We are confident that our products will clearly stand out, even in a crowded market, and that our message will resonate with the top-drawer specialty retailers, allowing them to make room in their mix for our truly unique products, which will provide significantly enhanced solutions to their needs and those of their increasingly demanding customers.”

Retailers who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are welcome to contact Audiomobile at (702) 221 – 1977, or to email the company at, to set up a meeting.