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12Volt Connect Project Connects

Shreveport, LA (11.28.11) is launching ‘Project 12volt Connect’. Our stated goal is to work to connect 12volt retailers, and the 12volt industry’s exciting array of products, with consumers. The relationship between the retailer and consumer is the final link in the marketing process.

Select companies within the 12volt community – manufacturers, manufacturer’s reps, several organizations and retailers have continuing plans in place. Distributors play a role too.  We applaud  those efforts. That being said, as an industry we need to do even more to raise the level of consumer awareness and comfort for all product categories within the 12volt industry.

The fact that the economic climate is challenging is no secret. Profit margins, at every level, have been squeezed as never before. In many cases it seems like price is being sold as the product and not the benefits and enjoyment the product will bring to the consumer.

Is your company selling EXP? defines EXP as ‘the Experience’. Is your company selling EXP? That’s the first installment in the ’12volt Connect’ project. Log onto on Thursday, December 1st and read more. welcomes input and support from all companies throughout the 12volt community – worldwide. We trust our grassroots ’12volt Connect’ project will provide a platform to showcase industry members working to grow the 12volt industry.