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Pioneer Makes it Simple Part 2

LONG BEACH, CA (09.19.11) – The second video in the Pioneer “Makes It Simple” series that the company is hosting on YouTube, has been posted.

In this segment Lana, hosting the series from the Source Interlink Garage Studios, details Pioneer’s heritage in the mobile electronics industry. Editors and representatives from various publications detail why they have such high praise for the Pioneer brand.

Ted Cardenas, Marketing Director for Pioneer, told on the MERA Knowledgefest floor “Our “Makes it Simple” series is focused on explaining the basics of car audio and how consumers can add so much enjoyment to their rides with aftermarket infotainment gear. The series was created for anyone interested in a simple “101″ on car audio – especially first time buyers of aftermarket car audio.”

Ted Cardenas pictured on the floor at Knowledgefest unveiling the first video in the Make it Simple series.

Lana, the host, covers topics including why consumers should upgrade their current stereo and speakers, why Pioneer products are acclaimed by car audio experts, installation myths dispelled about how your dash will look with a new Pioneer in-dash AM/FM receiver has been installed and where to buy Pioneer gear for full post-purchase support.

For more information visit the Pioneer Makes it Simple videos webpage.