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QR Codes – A New World

Shreveport, LA (07.14.11) – QR codes can open a new world to all member companies of the 12volt industry. Manufacturers, manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and specialty retailers alike can benefit from utilizing QR code (Quick Response) technology.

Almost everyone has seen a QR code – a relatively small square graphic that looks like a crossword puzzle with no room to write in the words. Most don’t know or realize the power behind that little QR code.

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes and can be printed on any type of collateral, direct mail, signage, t-shirts – virtually anything (and they’re FREE)! When captured with a smartphone equipped with a QR Code reader it triggers an event: sends the user to a specific website, displays an exclusive discount, shows a map, or gives contact information.

If you have a smart phone, you may already have an app that will let you scan this. If not, you can download a free scanner to your cell phone at will showcase the uses of QR code technology across the 12volt industry to increase awareness and encourage all industry members to embrace and utilize the power of QR codes. is presently working with a select number of companies to implement promotions centered around QR codes. The focus of these activities is to generate store traffic and thus move the sales needle.

Stay tuned to for more QR code updates.