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Cadence Intros Smart Tech Amplifiers

Howell, NJ (06.28.11) – Cadence Acoustics, LTD. is proud to announce that it has started shipping its long awaited ZRS Smart Tech series of amplifiers.

The introduction of the ZRS Smart Tech amplifiers signifies Cadence Acoustics’ first step toward the development of a complete line of amplifiers, speakers and woofers dedicated to the specialist retailer. These unique amplifiers feature an onboard diagnostic computer that monitors input and output voltages, amplifier temperature, channel distortion, clipping plus any short circuits then displays conditions on the on-board LCD screen on the top of the amplifier.

The Smart Tech amplifiers are comprised of seven different models; (1) 4-channel (D100.4), (2) 2-channel (D250.2 & D350.2) and (3) monoblocks (D1600M, D1800M and D2500M).

“We are extremely excited to be shipping this new line of amplifiers. The ZRS line provides 12volt retailers with a protected line in the marketplace. Speakers and subwoofers are scheduled in the future to complete the lineup” Sean Adler, national sales manager for Cadence, told

To find out more about the NEW ZRS Smart Tech amplifiers visit the Cadence website at or visit a Cadence Dealer near you.