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Rockford Fosgate Big Power, Small Footprint

With Its New Punch Boosted Rail Amplifier

Tempe, AZ (03.29.11) – Rockford Fosgate, an industry leader of high-performance car audio systems, showcased its new Punch car audio boosted rail amplifier in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort in early January.  The new Punch boosted rail amplifier line, shipping now, includes two products: the PBR300X4, a 300 watt 4 channel boosted rail amplifier and the PBR300X1, a 300 watt mono channel boosted rail amplifier.

"I think these new amplifiers are going to be game changers. At just over 4" x 6" the 300.1 has already been a hit with dealers in my territory and it's crazy efficient," Chris Pace - Arrowhead Sales and Marketing told

“Our Punch amplifiers set the standard in the car audio amplifier industry when we introduced the first generation, and they continue to lead the market today,” said Bill Jackson, president of Rockford Corporation.  “Our combination of power and packaging make them among the most popular amplifiers among audio enthusiasts.  Punch Boosted Rail Topology reproduces audio perfection and delivers impressive power in a compact chassis.”

Rockford Fosgate’s improved amplifier technology achieves greater output power than previous models, by equally boosting its supply voltage and current.  For example, a voltage boost of 2:1 now results in a power boost of 4:1.  The smaller size and weight of the BRT amplifier ensures powerful sound that can fit in most any space.

“The Punch boosted rail amplifiers have a 42 percent smaller surface area than their predecessors,” explained David Baker, senior design engineer and electrical engineering manager for Rockford Fosgate  “Overall, the amplifier is 76 percent smaller in terms of its height, width and volume, and yet it produces an amazing 300 watts of power.  This is unheard of in the industry.  It has the smallest mechanical packaging in the industry at roughly the size of a couple of smart phones.  Our new Punch car audio boosted rail amplifier puts the ‘mobile’ in mobile sound.”

The most significant advance in Punch BRT amplifiers is the unregulated power supply.  The more power the car consumes, the better the product will perform.

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