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Car Warriors – Its On Speed

Los Angeles, CA (03.01.11) – Car Warriors, a new television show for enthusiasts of cool vehicles and 12volt installations premiered on Wednesday, February 23rd on the Speed channel. More information can be found at

The premier episode featured a team of challengers, Southern Fried Delight from Lubbock, TX, pitted against an AllStar team comprised of aftermarket veterans. The all-star team consists of the following crew members: Rich Evans – (fabrication, paint, design), Ryan “Ryno” Templeton – (paint, airbrush, pin striping), Nicole Lyons – (engines, mechanics), Scott Owens – (interior, car audio), Ian Roussel – (fabrications, engines, paint, interior), Tommy ‘Itcy” Otis – (paint, pin striping), Tina Sharpe – (interior, upholstery), Dave Cooke – (engines, mechanics).  The goal was to turn a pair of ’66 Mustangs, basically in junkyard condition, into show pieces in 72 hours.

The show centered on an overall design plus interior, engine, transmission, suspension, wheels and tires – everything needed to get the vintage Mustangs ready for the track and judging.

The first task was to get the original engine out and on the ground. The AllStars prevailed and  won the better replacement engine souped up by Vic Edelbrock’s crew.

Next up was body work and paint. The challengers jumped way ahead as the AllStars spent much time on body work and fender replacement. The challengers were first into the paint booth by several hours.The challengers however hit a big snag when the hood would not close once their new engines was set in place. Cutting an opening in the hood was not an option because the design on the hood carried the challenger’s theme for their build.

Much back and forth went on among the Southern Fried Delight team members as to a course of action to get the hood to close. This down time allowed the AllStars to finish in the paint booth and basically catch up in the competition.

There was a frantic race in the closing hour and minutes of the 72 hour competition – both teams finishing at the last second. A made for television ending to be sure.

The cars hit the track for a shakedown run and to prepare for viewing by the 3 celebrity judges  – “Mad Mike” Martin (Pimp My Ride), George Barris (The Batmobile) and Jimmy Shine (TV’s Hard Shine).

The judges split 2 to 1 in favor of the challengers from Lubbock – Southern Fried Delight. For their efforts the challengers claimed both Mustangs as a reward for their supreme effort.

Car audio was not featured in the premier episode. MA Audio, the sponsor of the 12volt category, reported car audio products will be featured in the remaining 9 episodes that have been taped to air on the Speed channel.

Tune in Wednesday evening, March 2nd for episode number 2 in the Car Warriors series.

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