Pioneer Showed Muscle at CES 2011

A large crowd assembled in the Pioneer booth to see the unveiling of the three '69 Camaros.

Las Vegas, NV (02.24.11) – Pioneer’s booth at CES 2011 was filled with muscle – powerful new headunits, power amplifiers and 3 bright red 1969 Camaro muscle cars. The three iconic muscle cars, all perfectly detailed and with terrific fresh paint, gleamed under the the lights in Pioneer’s expansive North Hall booth. Everyone who entered Pioneer’s booth could sense the power.

Pioneer Car Electronics was the mobile electronics sponsor of the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2010. One of the Camaros in the booth, featuring Pioneer’s Stage1products, was driven by Pioneer’s Harry Kroll in last summer’s Power Tour.

"We wanted to showcase the Stage 1, 2 and 3 product lines. The presentation in the three Camaros worked very well," Ted Cardenas opening the trunk of one of the Camaros to show the custom installation of amplifiers.

“For the Power Tour Pioneer wanted to show that a modern audio system could be installed and perform well in a muscle car. They had access to a ’69 Camaro and we took on the project of installing and preparing their vehicle for the Power Tour run from Iowa to the Gulf Coast”  Nevill Ooms of Five Axis told 12voltnews.com.

The 2010 Power Tour was an unqualified success. Over the course of the tour hundreds of vehicles, driven by their proud owners and co-pilots, rolled in the various legs. At scheduled event stops along the way thousands of spectators and muscle car enthusiasts turned out to see the large number of muscle cars. The Pioneer Camaro was one of the stars.

Pioneer's Harry Kroll with the Camaro he drove on the 2010 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour.

During a post Power Tour meeting the idea to have three ’69 Camaros, showcasing Pioneer’s Stage 1, 2and 3 product lines, was put forth by Ted Cardenas-Pioneer’s Director of Marketing for Car Electronics.

“A little time went by and word came to outfit three ’69 Camaros for Pioneer’s 2011 CES booth. It was a big project with a definite timeline. We identified two additional ’69 Camaros and got to work. Our theme was ‘clean and simple’. Thus we removed anything that was hanging and looked ‘ADD-ONISH’. We kept the chrome trim, body molding and door handles to maintain the original look” Ooms stated.

The three '69 Camaros in place in the Pioneer booth before show hours.

Setting the ‘stage’ for Pioneer’s Stage 1, 2 and 3 products was next. “We wanted to present Pioneer’s products in a way that reflected the clean lines of the vehicle. The trunk areas were fitted with carpet and trim panels to get away from the traditional muscle car ’empty pit’ trunk” Ooms continued. The first Camaro, driven on the Power Tour, was posed as a stock RS vehicle with column shift, rally wheels and the entry level Stage 1 audio system.

The second Camaro was a high level trim vehicle with stock center console, houndstooth interior and upgrade wheels along with a LS3 engine. Stage 2 Pioneer products provided the mobile entertainment system.

Camaro Number 3 was prepared as a Pro Touring vehicle with custom center console, leather interior and custom accents on the vehicle – including mini tubs for fat tires. This vehicle housed Pioneer’s Stage 3 products – NAV and all the bells and whistles.

To meet the deadline Hot Rod Magazine provided extra manpower to complete the project on time.

Once the last piece of gear was in place, and each system double checked for maximum performance, the 3 Camaros were loaded onto a trailer for the trip to Las Vegas.

When CES 2011 opened on Thursday morning, January 6th, the car covers were removed and the muscle of Pioneer was on display for all to experience.

For more information visit www.pioneerelectronics.com/