CrimeStopper – Much More Than A Security Company

CrimeStopper's Howard Miller introduced Lynx Audio at CES 2011.

Las Vegas, NV / Simi Valley, CA (02.04.11) – At CES 2011 CrimeStopper showcased a wide variety of new products – many outside the realm of automotive security and remote starters.

Company president Howard Miller related to 12voltnews.com on the North Hall floor “CrimeStopper is much more that a security based company. Today’s 12volt retailer must be selling more product categories outside the core sound related products to be successful. CrimeStopper has broadened our product selection greatly to provide products in growth categories for 12volt specialists.” Continuing Miller stated “Back-up cameras, back-up sensors and monitors are real growth categories and we have addressed the need with our Safety Plus products. The introduction of our Lynx Audio line will fill a niche for consumers looking to enhance the sound in their vehicles without an extensive aftermarket installation. These new areas can become very significant profit centers for CrimeStopper dealers.”

The Lynx Audio system installed in the Crimestopper demo vehicle.

Adding Miller stated “CES 2011 was a very successful show for CrimeStopper. Not only did we introduce new products and meet with many of our customers we filled in a couple of territories with quality rep firms and energized our entire rep network.”

After CES Miller initiated CrimeStopper webinars with several rep firms. The manufacturer rep firms 12voltnews.com contacted during and after CES agreed with Miller’s thinking and appreciate his hands on follow through.

CrimeStopper is much more that a security and remote starter company.

The new Lynx Audio line, launched at CES by CrimeStopper, drew a considerable amount of interest. Following CES a top-end Lynx Audio system was installed in a CrimeStopper demo vehicle. “The system was a very easy installation. We placed the unit in the back area of a Lexus RX350. The 170 watts RMS really enhanced the sound of the factory system – amazing. The 20′ amp kit provided all the cabling necessary. The gain and frequency module provides a tremendous amount of control over the tonal quality of the sound. For the enthusiast there is the illuminated aspect of the enclosure. In one setting the light will pulse to the beat of the music, A Lynx Audio system is a great enhancement to any OEM audio system” Miller observed.

The Lynx Audio lineup consists of several self contained systems featuring a subwoofer and amplifier in an attractive high tech sealed enclosure. The systems range on power from 160 to 800 watts.

For more information please visit www.crimestopper.com