New Pro App Solution for Automotive Accessory Installers

"Scosche has been in the seat next to installers for 30 years. Our new Scosche PRO App is an installer's dream." Kas Alves

Oxnard, CA (12.29.10) – Continuing its innovation in the automotive aftermarket industry and technology, Scosche will introduce a new PRO App solution for automotive aftermarket installers using the latest in mobile cloud technology.

The Scosche PRO App solution offers unique benefits and unprecedented communication between Scosche technical support and professional installers. The Scosche PRO App demonstrates Scosche’s commitment to the mobile electronics aftermarket industry and more importantly, the people who are the backbone of the industry.  To achieve this, Scosche introduces the PRO App which will offer installers the utmost in technical assistance at their fingertips.  Based on Scosche’s years of research and experience the company will offer the next generation of customer support through the Scosche PRO App for iPhone and Droids.

Kas Alves, executive vice president, Scosche Industries said, “The Scosche PRO App brings over 30 years of vehicle research to the palm of your hand.  I believe that Scosche’s PRO App will prove to be a valuable tool for both seasoned professionals and novice installers.” He added, “ Scosche’s PRO App will help dealers reduce labor hours by giving installers the tools they need to quickly, efficiently and correctly install aftermarket systems into vehicles.”

The Scosche PRO App will be an easy-to-use interface that allows an installer to browse the App by vehicle to easily find the information the installer needs for the project he is currently working on. In addition to identifying the exact accessories that fit a vehicle, Scosche’s PRO App, debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show January 5-9, 2011 in Las Vegas, possesses the following key features:

Scosche’s Entire AutoSound Encyclopedia
Often referred to as the aftermarket “Industry’s bible”, Scosche’s AutoSound Encyclopedia includes nearly three decades of information.  The AutoSound Encyclopedia includes detailed vehicle information and concise explanations and step-by-step procedures through illustration.  Additionally, the Autosound Encyclopedia includes an entire volume of technical bulletins that covers everything from auto acoustics to basic installation knowledge and tools. The AutoSound Encyclopedia offers accurate deck, dash and panel dimensions, speaker and component installation options, detailed illustrations of dash and panel disassembly, troubleshooting system noise, factory wiring codes and much more.

Previously available online and in hard-copy format, the AutoSound Encyclopedia required an annual subscription.  With the Scosche PRO App, installers can quickly and easily pull up AutoSound Encyclopedia information via their iPhone without having to open up a separate web browser.

Tech Tools
With Scosche’s PRO App, installers will have the tech tools they need right at their fingertips.  Having the tech tools within one application on their phones will enable installers to quickly find the information they need without having to stop the installation and fumble around to look for a tool.  Some tech tools included in the APP includes an OHM’s Law Calculator, Resistance Calculator, Factory Wiring Codes, and Bluetooth Compatibility Char.

Push to Talk
Should an installer need additional assistance, Scosche’s PRO App will allow callers to speak directly to Scosche technical support with the push of a single button.  Installers will be able to connect with a live voice and receive visual technical assistance during the install process.  While speaking with technical support, visual information, such as wiring diagrams, schematics, and instructions, can be delivered by Scosche technical support directly to the installer’s phone.

Instant Messaging/Chat
An installer can also choose to use the instant messenger feature to type in a question for Scosche technical support.  Touching the instant messenger button on the PRO App will open an instant messaging window and the installer will be instantly chatting with a live technician within the Scosche technical support department.

“Scosche is pleased to debut the next generation of mobile support to the aftermarket industry at the Consumer Electronics Show,” continued Alves.  “We believe Scosche’s PRO App will improve installer productivity and knowledge.  With the PRO App, installers won’t have to leave the installation to retrieve a fax or browse the internet, all the information will be available at their fingertips on their phone.”

The Scosche PRO App will initially debut on the Apple App Store for $2.99, with additional platforms being considered in 2011 for both the Android and Blackberry.

Stop by Scosche booth #1409 at the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to see a demonstration of the new Scosche PRO App along with a variety of innovative mobile electronics aftermarket accessories. Visit www.scosche.com for more information.