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JL Audio Recalls Certain Amps

JL Audio Inc., Announces Recall of Certain HD750/1 and MHD750/1 Amplifiers

Miramar, FL (12.06.10) JL Audio, manufacturer of home audio, mobile, and marine audio electronics is voluntarily recalling certain HD750/1 and MHD750/1 amplifiers shipped to authorized JL Audio dealers prior to December 2009. The company has decided that a defect related to motor vehicle/marine safety exists which, under rare circumstances, can result in a fire. Even though no injuries have been reported and there have only been a few incidents of damage, JL Audio values customer safety above all else and is offering to modify these amplifiers at no charge to correct the problem. JL Audio is working with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Office of Boating Safety on this recall.


JL Audio is asking owners of affected product to discontinue its use immediately and bring their vehicle/boat to an authorized JL Audio dealer. Dealers are asked to unmount the amplifier, verify that it is included in the recall and send it in to JL Audio. JL Audio will compensate dealers for this service and pay for shipping. Alternatively, U.S. consumers can follow the procedures outlined at to send the amplifier to JL Audio without dealer assistance.

JL Audio has increased staffing at its repair facility in Phoenix, Arizona.  Depending on transit time, customers can expect a total turnaround time of 7-15 days. Repaired amplifiers will have a minimum of one year warranty coverage from the date of the repair.


JL Audio is supplying each of its dealers with a recall poster and a complete list of affected serial numbers that were sold to that individual dealer. This will help the dealer to identify and notify customers who purchased the units at retail and to verify whether or not the units they sold, or have in stock or on display, are affected.

The company wants to stress that this recall only affects the models listed (HD750/1 autosound amplifier and MHD750/1 marine audio amplifier).  No other JL Audio amplifier models are affected by this recall.

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