Mobile Marketing Delivers Store Traffic

This is the text message Stereo Designs sent to their database.

12 Volt Land, USA (11.04.10) – Mobile marketing is a term you will be hearing about and you and your customers will be experiencing. The “New York Times” is on record stating mobile marketing is the most powerful marketing tool of all time.

Mobile marketing is interactive text messaging. Your core customers, young males, are definitely “texters”. Your customers are on the move – so should be your advertising be on the move. Mobile marketing will allow retailers to “get outside” their stores.

Companies today look for a return on their advertising dollar and mobile marketing delivers in spades.

The concept of mobile marketing is simple – text a key word to a short code and hit send.

Mobile marketing, through interactive texts, will make your advertising interactive, create viral marketing, make your advertising responses measurable, create a database of opt-in users, reach your customers where they “live” and in many cases generate immediate results.

Darrell Dickinson at Stereo Designs in Ardmore OK has a success story. Dickinson told 12voltnews.com “Less than two weeks go, following the conversation you and I had, I signed up for a mobile marketing package with 84444.com. It’s amazing. When I put a message on my sign outside or my newspaper ad I get text responses. Customers come into the store with their phones open to the text message and want the special offer.”

Continuing Dickinson said “It gets even better. When a customer texts in for the offer we capture their cell number and can send messages back to their number. In less that two weeks we have a database of over 100.”

Mobile marketing can get consumers through your doors.

On the way to work on Tuesday morning, November 2nd, Dickinson was thinking of a special offer to send to the store’s growing database. When he looked around the stockroom he found a box of Stereo Design koozies. Dickinson said “This is it. We quickly sent this message to our database – Bring this text in for a free Stereo Design koozie today.”

At the end of the day, a normally quiet Tuesday, Stereo Designs had given out 35 koozies. Dickinson added “This was new store traffic and one of the guys had a friend who bought a radio. I know fist hand this works – and my plan with 84444.com is only $99. a month for 2000 texts. Mobile marketing is a wave of the future. We signed up and activated our package on line in less than 15 minutes.”

12voltnews.com. and since the first print publication in 1994 has focused on success stories within the 12volt industry. The Stereo Designs’ experience with mobile marketing and 84444.com is certainly a success story.

Mobile marketing certainly has a place today in a 12volt retailers advertising budget. Like all offers a mobile marketing offer must be legit. Make sue the offer passes the WIIFM test (what’s in it for me). Overdoing a really good thing can lessen long term results. Those receiving your message can always TXT ‘stop’ and will opt out and be removed from the database.

84444.com is a category leader and has agreements in place with all the major cell service providers.

For more info please visit 84444.com. Make sure to mention 12voltnews.com.