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Vince Lombard (L) the new National Sales Manager for Audiobahn shows HOCO's Johnny Holland the new line.

Las Vegas, NV (11.03.10) –  At the 2010 SEMA Show , Audiobahn geared up for an unforgettable showing of their new product lineup. From Tuesday, November 2 to Friday, November 5, Audiobahn hosts exclusive meetings at their SEMA display suite at the Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center. All dealers, retailers, vendors, media and marketing partners are invited to preview Audiobahn’s 2011 collection.

“More than ever we are excited to be in Las Vegas for SEMA,” said Nasser Abo Abdo of Investech Audio Group, Audiobahn’s parent company. “Just as we are, our customers are fired up and ready to do business. We feel the product lineup this year is the best ever. We’re not only bringing back some of our top selling units with significant upgrades and revisions, we’re premiering several new products as well.”

Members of the Santa Fe Distributing team at SEMA make a point. Pictured (counterclockwise) Steve Abbott and Henshaw - Santa Fe, Abdel Aboabdo, Vince Lombard and Nasser Abo Abdo.

The entire Audiobahn sales team will be on-hand to showcase all that’s new for the upcoming season. In addition to new products, they will also present exciting sales promotions and opportunities for their dealers.

Audiobahn VP Rick Andersen told “We have been very busy in the Audiobahn suite at the Hilton. Every appointment has been on schedule.”

Key distributors have expressed excitement about the relaunch of the Audiobahn brand. Jeff Henshaw, Santa Fe Distributing- Lenexa KS, said ‘it’s great to see the return of Audiobahn. As a company Audiobahn brought so much energy and consumer awareness to the 12volt marketplace. At Santa Fe we are looking forward to that energy. returning to he 12volt industry.”

Steven Hayes (L) working with Roberto Solis from Extreme Axcion - the Audiobahn distributor in Costa Rica.

Alphasonik and Digital Audio along with the new Audiobahn models, including DJ equipment, are on display in the Hilton suite as well.

“There is nothing more valuable and important to us than our partnerships and customer relationships,” says Audiobahn vice president,Rick Andersen. “Our local, regional, domestic and international partners are the livelihood of our business and we are aiming to meet their needs. We know that the 12-volt industry was hit hard by the economy. The car audio world has done a 180 turn in the last five years and we understand our customers’ needs for sales and marketing incentives.”

Audiobahn’s objective at SEMA is simple. And that is to help existing and prospective dealers set up and obtain their upcoming sales goals. Since its beginnings, Audiobahn has placed a tremendous amount of customer emphasis on profit, identity, predictability and sell-through. While the performance of their product and design are important, they place great value on top line sales and bottom line profits for their customers.

Like in years past, marketing and promotions will play an integral role for Audiobahn. A special presentation will be showing at their SEMA display room at the Las Vegas Hilton.

According to Abdel Aboabdo, Audiobahn’s regional sales manager, “The 2011 season will be filled with exciting marketing campaigns and cross-promotions. With the return of Audiobahn to the car audio entertainment industry, they have been welcomed with open arms by many celebrities, musicians, athletes, and marketing partners and companies. We are excited to be attending SEMA and ready to ignite the world with a heavy dose of marketing and promotions in the coming year.”

All dealers and customers are encouraged to contact their Audiobahn sales representative to schedule a private meeting at the Las Vegas Hilton located at 3000 Paradise Road in Las Vegas. Appointments will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis from November 2 through 5 during the hours of 9 am to 7 pm.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 714.452.1476 or email

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