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IASCA Appoints Executive Committee.

IASCA's Paul Papadeas

Daytona Beach, FL (10.20.10) – At a recent meeting at Knowledgefest, IASCA principals met with veteran IASCA competitors Fred Lynch, Gary Biggs and Mark Eldridge to discuss improvements to the IASCA rules. The result of this meeting revealed an immediate need to review necessary changes to facilitate the growth of new IASCA competitors, while satisfying the needs of veterans.

IASCA's Moe Sabourin

“They say you can’t please all the people all of the time yet we strive to do so by keeping the playing field even, level and up to date.” said IASCA president Paul Papadeas. “Veteran competitors who have been in the judging lanes for years know the best direction to take; therefore, as of this press release, IASCA officially appoints Fred Lynch of Arc Audio, Gary Biggs of Harman America, Mark Eldridge of Mobile Sound Engineering, Scott Buwalda of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Terry Floyd, IASCA Champion, Master Judge and Trainer, as the executive Rules and Ethics Committee here in the States. These efforts are supported by international IASCA agents John Robinson and Andrew Fleming from IASCA UK, Wayne Allan, IASCA South Africa, Somkiat Pookayaporn IASCA Thailand and Jason Gay IASCA Canada; all of whose input relative to cultural and territorial customs are paramount to our international success”.

The Executive Committee members collaborate to discuss the future of the IASCA rules under the direction of Moe Sabourin who is now in full control and authority of all IASCA matters. “Moe was an IASCA World Champion Competitor and record setter himself” cites Papadeas, “and I cannot think of anyone more qualified to align with the committee to implement the necessary improvements. At this juncture I will be stepping aside, all the while supporting Moe’s efforts, while dedicating my focus on the 25th annual Spring Break Nationals event with the addition of the Trade Only Day and developing the forthcoming High School Challenge series which promises to reintroduce Car Audio to the 16 – 24 year old male demographics that we, as an industry, have lost.”

For More information please visit or call Moe Sabourin at 386 322 1551.