USACi Celebrates World Finals XXV

Shreveport, LA (10.19.10) – USACi competitors from at least fifteen states from across the US, plus Mexico, were on the show floor at the organization’s 25th World Finals. The wide range of license plates showed competitor’s support for the sport and organization.

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Shreveport Convention Center’s 100,000 square foot, pillar free hall floor was covered from end to end. The stage and exhibitors on one end and SQ competitors on the other end. The area in between was filled with SPL competitors, judging lanes, DB Drag Racing activities and lots of hall shaking bass.

USACi’s Ralph Randall told 12voltnews.com on the event floor “Everything about the Shreveport facility and after hours activities was great. Everything was so convenient for competitors and exhibitors. So much was within a couple blocks walking distance. The casinos and restaurants were right there. Everybody loved it.” Continuing Randall said “The lack of local support led to a gate much lower than anticipated. That was the only real downside the the weekend. Had we settled on dates earlier and promoted the event across a broader media mix we feel the gate would have met our expectations. All of this is being considered as we plan for our 2011 Finals event.”

DB Research was the title sponsor and local dealer Kustom Kars was the presenting dealer. Danny Hays, Kustom Kars, is a DB sponsored competitor and was on the floor in a big way with stacks of merchandise in a fenced retail area along with the company’s DB Drive panel delivery demo vehicle. Hays said ‘We worked very hard to promote and get ready for the show. We too had hoped to see a larger crowd”

The DB Brands -DB Drive, Quantum and DB Link -were on display in eye catching demo cars along side the DB Drive 18 wheel show rig. Metra, Vide, Kinetik and Memphis Car Audio were key 12volt exhibitors. Local Mazda dealer, Moffit Mazda, along with Sparks Automotive, Midas, GreenLuc Car Lights, Street Videos, Definitive Audio Design and LinearPower exhibited at the event.

LinearPower, definitely a “power” from the past had a substantial presence on the event floor. Robert Rayfield is leading a group that is relaunching the brand. Rayfield told 12voltnews.com “We are now shipping our Blues speakers -subs to 10″, separates and a component set. Linear amplifiers will be shipping after the first of the year. All of our products are designed and built in the US of A. Our products are all about reproducing music. The dealers we presently have on board find our approach refreshing – and profitable.”

On the event floor 12voltnews.com had a chance to catch up with quite a few industry members- from factories to distributors to reps. Dave Gill (SMS) and Pete Daley (Marketing Professionals) were on hand to support brands they rep. Mike Hood was in the house with Mid-States RTI. John Linn and Andy Allen were in the Memphis booth. Ron Wiggins and Andy Adkins were showing Vibe and Metra products. Danny Aguilar led the DB Research team and Eric Harbour and Jenny were in the Kinetik booth. Wayne Harris had lanes set for DB Drag Racing competitors.

Randall concluded by saying “We broke a lot of worlds records and this show was better than Dallas in 2008 and rivaled Tulsa last year. Given the overall economy, and what we are seeing at other national shows, we are looking at the 2010 USACi Finals as a positive event.”

Finals results will be posted on soundoff.org.

Stay tuned to 12voltnews.com for info on the site and dates of the 2011 USACi World Finals.