USACi World Finals to Shreveport *UPDATED*

The 300,000 square foot convention center in Shreveport, LA will be the site of the 2010 USACi World Finals.

Shreveport, LA (August 16, 2010) –  Shreveport has been selected as the site of the 2010 USACi World Finals – USACI World Finals XXIV. The event will be held October 15th – 17th at the Shreveport Convention Center. DB Drive is the title sponsor.

Ralph Randall, USACi president, told 12voltnews.com “The very first USAC Finals was held in the parking lot of the Super Dome in New Orleans. One of our earliest organizational meetings took place in Shreveport and we have considered Shreveport as a Finals site in the past. The city’s new 300,000 square foot convention center and adjacent Hilton Hotel sealed the deal for 2010.”

USACi's Ralph Randall

This year’s Finals will be an element of the 2010 Mobile Technology Expo. Randall continued “Mobile electronics today covers such a wide range of products and of course sound is a major key. The theme of a mobile electronics expo will greatly broaden the consumer appeal for the event. We will continue with all the elements of USACi Finals past -SPL. SQ, Outlaw and StreetBeat competitions plus car club Olympics and Mini’s SPL along with wild stage games for the crowd.”

Continuing Randall added “For the 2010 USACi Finals we will be shifting much of our focus from the 16 – 24 year old demographic to include a much broader demographic. Out will be some of the racier aspects of Finals past and in will be the Mobile Technology Expo theme catering to an expanded audience. Family oriented promotions are being planned to promote visits from action characters, local sports celebrities, and even some nationally known action sports icons. Music and stage entertainment will include local flavor musicians and “kids hours” in the arena with children’s events scheduled just for those under 13. Of course, for those looking to the wilder side of USACI Finals they will not be disappointed, they’ll just have to wait until the after party being hosted by a local establishment on the Shreveport riverfront.”

For DB Drive, Morris Varon told 12voltnews.com “The DB Drive family of companies have exhibited on the USACi Finals floor for years. We see he event as a great way to support the industry and build our brands”.

Historically the USACi Finals draws competitors from over 30 states plus Mexico and Central America. Shreveport in located in the center of a region that is easily accessed by car. Within less than a 5 hours drive competitors from Houston, Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, Ft Smith, Little Rock, Memphis, Jackson MS, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles can be in Shreveport. Expand the circle a couple of hours and San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and New Orleans are in the list of cities within an easy drive.

Cities hosting the USACi Finals in past years include New Orleans, Jackson MS, McKinney, TX, Houston, Kansas City, Omaha, Dallas and Tulsa.

For more information on the events planned go to www.usaciworldfinals.com

Kustom Kars joins Mobile
Technology Expo as Retail Sponsor.
USACI announced today the addition of Kustom Kars of Shreveport as the Retail Sponsor of the 2010 Mobile Technology Expo and USACI World Finals. Kustom Kars owner Danny Hays says his business will see the positive impact of having the World Finals in Shreveport. “We need these types of events to keep this industry growing” Danny stated. “We have coordinated our official Grand Opening to coincide with the USACI Finals because we know how much excitement the finals will bring to our city and to our business” he continued.

Danny Hays has been a USACI supporter for many years and regularly competes in USACI events to promote his business. Danny holds several national titles and USACI World Records. Kustom Kars will be holding a Mobile Technology sale on the show floor along with the event and will be one o the hosts of the after party as well. Be sure to stop by and visit Kustom Kars at the Mobile Technology Expo in Shreveport on October 16 and 17 2010. For more info on Kustom Kars visit their web site at www.kustomkars.net. www.mobiletechnologyexpo.com