"Doc Thunder" Reed Honored – VIDEO

Austin, TX (July 26, 2010) – During the 2010 Texas Heatwave George Reed was honored for his contributions to the 12volt industry over the past four decades. Reed is acknowledged by many as the father of the “Sound-Off”. Through the 80’s and early 90’s Reed, known as “Doc Thunder”, was a fixture in dealer’s parking lots on weekends.

George Reed hard at work at the Texas Heatwave

For USACi of Texas Shane Russell told 12voltnews.com “George Reed has done so much to promote our industry through the years. We wanted to recognize his contributions and thought the 2010 Heatwave would be a great venue. On Saturday afternoon we presented a plaque to “Doc Thunder” as a token of our heartfelt appreciation. In addition we dedicated our new ¬†USACi SPL competition disc to him”.

Reed relayed to 12voltnews.com “This recognition was totally unexpected. I appreciate it more than you know”. Reed entered the12volt business in 1971. In the early 1980’s car stereo became very popular with young men adding tape decks, amps and better speakers to their cars. Reed recognized this interest level and started working with retailers in Louisiana and Texas

USACi of Texas, Shane Russell with a copy of the CD dedicated to George Reed.

to grow their car stereo business. The dealer events got people excited and presented an opportunity for new business. Reed continued “As the interest level grew people started adding more and more aftermarket equipment to their vehicles. People started to compete. I had a history in drag racing and saw the need to put some structure in the competition. We also chose to educate the competitors on safe, quality installations and what to listen for in the music. Everyone wanted to get “loud” which led to SPL competitions. In the early 90’s I turned over my sound-off activities to the late Mark Barmore. There were just not enough hours in the day to grow the sound-off competition circuit and manage my Marketing Professionals business. We have seen so many changes through the years but I will always remember the early days”.

“We join Russell, USACi and many others who recognize the contributions to the 12volt industry” Mike Van Horn for 12voltnews.com.