12voltnews.com Debuts New Website

12voltnews.com was on site at CEE 6 this past weekend -log onto tomorrow as CEE 6 coverage begins. See the latest Bassworx products shown by Joe Saraceno plus Hugh Park introduced DriveN Talk to the crowd.

Shreveport, Louisiana (May 24, 2010) –  This weekend marked the debut of the new 12voltnews.com website.

Every business day 12voltnews.com posts fresh industry news.  Our new page layout is a dramatic new look that brings our exclusive content to life. Videos. as well as 12Volt Conversations segments, will develop into must see and hear elements on 12voltnews.com. The addition of a photo gallery will give site visitors access to many of the tens of thousands of images in the 12voltnews.com image library.

This year marks the beginning of my sixth decade in the 12volt industry. No doubt there have been monumental changes through those decades. Products, the in-vehicle environment and consumer expectations have changed dramatically. Marketing and closing sales in today’s marketplace, driven by instant gratification, seem to be a new world everyday.

Fresh industry news every business day.

One thing has not changed over the past six decades – real people buy products. Real people plunk down their bucks to acquire items to fill a need or create an enjoyable experience. In the case of 12volt products, fortunately, it can be both.

12voltnews.com will continue to focus on positive content and positive solutions to the challenges that confront our industry every day.

We invite and encourage you to start every business day with a short and easy trip to 12voltnews.com.

Mike Van Horn

Joe Saraceno with Bassworx

Hugh Park with DriveN Talk