MECA & Epsilon Brands Join Forces

"The Epsilon brands are happy to be a new manufacturer members on MECA" Grizz Archer.

"The Epsilon brands are happy to be new manufacturer members of MECA" Grizz Archer.

Nashville, TN (May 10, 2010) – The Epsilon Group of Companies has pledged support for the Mobile Electronics Competition Association for the 2010 season and beyond.  Soundstream, Precision Power, and Power Acoustik are now official Manufacturer Members of MECA, and the team name for each brand is recognized as an official MECA Team.  The partnership has developed because of the number of Competitors that use these brands is so great and the recommendations to join MECA to the Epsilon management team have been growing over the past 2 years, especially from Retailers who sell Epsilon products.

Grizz Archer, spokesperson for Epsilon, expressed the excitement of joining MECA, impressed by MECA’s stats and growth, and influence in the USA market.  Grizz noted, “We have Competitors who will only compete in MECA events.  With all the different types of contests that MECA offers, we make optimized products at different price points so anybody can compete and be competitive.  With as hard as Steve Stern has worked to grow MECA and help our industry, we are happy to be a sponsor.”

mecatotalvectorglowArcher told 12voltnews.com in a telephone conversation “Steve Stern and the MECA organization are creating interest in the mobile electronics category – that’s good for our brands and the 12volt industry. MECA’s footprint across the US is growing. Adding retailer members and encouraging entry level competitors are very positive initiatives”.

"The MECA RV is traveling more miles than anyone knows to build our organization" Steve Stern.

"The MECA RV is traveling more miles than anyone knows to build our organization" Steve Stern.

A key factor in the developing relationship was the meeting Archer and Stern had at MECA’s booth at CES in January.  The Commissioner went over the comprehensive program MECA offers with Grizz and showed cost-effectivepromotion strategies centered on fun and fair mobile electronics contests in the Sound Quality League and Sound Pressure League.  These,  along with Show & Shine, MECA Kids, Boom & Zoom, and Ride the Light contests, demonstrate the multi-faceted interests of the club Members, fans, and spectators.  Another big factor was the presence of Soundstream gear in the MECA lanes at SBN in Daytona Beach in March.  Soundstream owners placed well in SQL and SPL contests, and they brought a lot of excitement to the event.On the International front, Power Acoustik has been the most used amplifier brand at MECA events in the Virgin Islands over the past 5 years, and has been very successful in the SPL and SQL lanes in St. Croix and St. Thomas, USVI and also Tortola, BVI.

MECA is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Soundstream, Precision Power, and Power Acoustik brands and their Retailers.  Information about MECA is available at www.mecacaraudio.com with Manufacturer and Retail Member listings and links, 120+ USA events already on the Event Schedule for 2010, Member of the Month, results, points tracking for State Championships and Finals invitations, Hall of Fames for Competitors, Retailers, and Judges, and contact info for all Event Directors, and much more.


New Phoenix Gold R-Series Amplifiers Now Available

Clearwater, FL (May 10, 2010) – Phoenix Gold® (www.phoenixgold.com) is excited to present its new R-Series of car audio amplifiers. Representing an evolution in the world of entry-level amplifiers, the R-Series delivers outstanding power and styling at a value price.  Engineered and built to include premium features found in “higher-end” amps, the R-Series is dedicated to those that want solid performance and reliability at a great price point.

The R-Series consists of three mono amplifiers (the R1000.1, R500.1 and R250.1) and two four-channel amplifiers (the R500.4 and R300.4). All R-Series amps feature a robust, unregulated power supply; over-sized direct input power and speaker terminals; audiophile complimentary bi-polar output transistors; an ultra-fast switching mosfet output stage;LPL44 and RMD ports, and audio precision quality control verification. Stats are as follows:



R1000.1 Class D Monoblock Amplifier

MSRP:                                $449.99

Power Rating:  1000 watts x 1 channel / 1Ω

      • 500 watts x 1 channel / 2Ω

R1000.1 Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier

MSRP:                                $249.99

Power Rating:  500 watts x 1 channel / 2Ω

      • 300 watts x 1 channel / 4Ω



R500.4 Class A/B 4-channel Amplifier

MSRP:                                $349.99

Power Rating:  125 watts x 4 channel / 2Ω

      • 75 watts x 4 channel / 4Ω

R300.4 Class A/B 4-channel Amplifier

MSRP:                                $249.99

Power Rating:  75 watts x 4 channel / 2Ω

      • 50 watts x 4 channel / 4Ω



R250.1 Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier

MSRP:                                $169.99

Power Rating:  250 watts x 1 channel / 2Ω

      • 150 watts x 1 channel / 4Ω

In addition to the R-Series of amplifiers, the 2010 Phoenix Gold line also includes R-Series subwoofers and speakers; the Ti-Series of pro-grade amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers; the S-Series of “small block” amplifiers, and a Limited Edition amplifier dubbed “The One.” For more information, please visit www.phoenixgold.com.