McKinney Sales and TREO Building Kingdoms

Greg McKinney(R) and Mike Walker pictured with a TREO amplifier in the company's warehouse.

Greg McKinney(R) and Mike Walker pictured with a TREO amplifier in the company's warehouse.

Plano,TX/ Omaha, NE (May 11, 2010) – McKinney Sales and TREO are committed to the 12volt specialty retailer community. Principals of each company, and their respective staffs, are individually committed to the specialty retailer community as well.

Greg McKinney, president of Plano, TX based McKinney Sales, told 12voltnews.com “Our company has actively worked with and supported independent retailers in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana territory for over 60 years. 12volt specialty retailers are the backbone of the 12volt industry”. Continuing McKinney commented “TREO is a brand that our retail partners can depend on to deliver quality products that fill the needs of 12volt retailers across the board. Warren Essin, our territory sales manager in Oklahoma and Arkansas, believes 12volt retailers who carry TREO actually create a “Kingdom” within their trade area”.

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Warren Essin

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Click on the audio bar to hear Warren Essin explain how TREO dealers build “kingdoms.”

Essin stated to 12voltnews.com “I truly believe 12volt retailers can rule their market and build a profitable “Kingdom” around the sale of TREO products. TREO is an American company with an 11 year history of developing great products. Their amps, sub woofers and speakers are true profit centers for 12volt retailers. No internet sales and no competition from ‘big box’ stores. Independent 12volt specialists can in fact build a “Kingdom” in their market with TREO. I encourage you to listen to this 12volt Conversations segment”.

TREO principals John and JP Henry understand the needs of 12volt specialty retailers. Every product they design and bring to market fits a specific need. All products offer excellent profit potential. JP Henry told 12voltnews.com “Essin’s ‘Kingdom’ approach can be a reality for 12volt retailers. They certainly control TREO sales activities on their respective markets. We work diligently to keep TREO branded products out of the internet channel and work closely with McKinney Sales to support retailers in their territory”.

Each TREO product is designed with the specity 12 volt retailer in mind.

"Each TREO product is designed with the specialty 12 volt retailer in mind." JP Henry

McKinney Sales is aggressive in their territory with 3 territory sales managers in the field – plus company principal McKinney knows the roads throughout the territory. The recent additions of industry Jack Wiltshire and Karl Giles brings the McKinney Sales team to full strength. Giles told 12voltmews.com “The TREO brand makes so much sense for specialty retailers. I am proud to have it in my bag”.

Wiltshire stated “I am covering southern parts of Texas and Louisiana. Dealers I have presented the line to have certainly grasped the fact that TREO isn’t available on the internet. Every dealer has also commented on the real world structure of the product lineup”.

Neil Singer, Mike Walker and Becky McKinney are based in the McKinney facility in Plano to support the company’s dealer base and field staff.

McKinney Sales, celebrating the company’s 63 anniversary on 2010, represents and distributes TREO products in their territory.

For more info please visit www.mckinneysales.com or call 972 398 9404.