Pioneer, Metra and Southwest Electronix Rock "Big D"

IMAG0025DALLAS, TX – The 2-city swing orchestrated by Southwest Electronix, highlighting the 2010 Pioneer and Metra lineups, was a resounding success. The Monday, February 15th event in San Antonio was standing room only. The Tuesday, February 16th, workshop in Dallas also played to a standing room only crowd.

Metra’s Tom Comenole told 12voltnews.com “All training sessions should be like San Antonio and Dallas – everything clicked. Dealers came to see our latest product introductions and were ready to learn all they could. The audience in both cities was energized”.


"Thanks to all of the dealers for turning out." Metra's Tom Comenole

Pioneer’s Robert Coyle was equally pumped about the 2-city swing saying  “I could tell everyone in the audience was eager to learn all they could about Pioneer’s 2010 line. Two of the best meetings I have ever been involved in for sure”.

The Southwest Electronix Dallas staff of Jason Heim, Dave Hammond and Jason Hoxsey were on hand to meet with dealers and present the company’s specials for the evening. Heim told 12voltnews.com “We had the room set for 60. As dealers began to arrive and the line formed we realized the crowd was going to be larger that we planned. The Dave and Busters staff quickly added 4 or 5 more tables and prepared more food for the buffet.  The attendance sign in sheet totaled 83. That was more than double our last event in Dallas. Both Tom and Robert were on fire in front of the audience”. Concluding Heim said “We thank all our dealers for attending. Pioneer and Metra were great
partners at both events”.

"Atendence was incredible. Look forward to doing again." Jason Heim

"Attendance was incredible. Look forward to doing again." Jason Heim

It should be noted that Tuesday evening’s event fell on Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday”. 12volt dealers in the Dallas area chose to attend a productive Pioneer and Metra training workshop over attending “Fat Tuesday” parties.

The 12volt industry certainly needs more events like the event described above. It was a win/win/win for all.

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