Pioneer, Metra and Southwest Electronix Take the Lead

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CARROLLTON, TX – Product knowledge is vital in today’s hi tech world.

Southwest Electronix, Pioneer and Metra have partnered to bring two high powered product training sessions to Texas. San Antonio on Monday, February 15th and Dallas on Tuesday, February 16th are the dates.  Dave and Busters, the fun packed action establishment, is the place in both cities.

These sessions will offer 12volt retailers an opportunity to learn and earn, network with their peers, enjoy the great Dave and Busters atmosphere and buffet plus the chance to win some super Pioneer and Mertra swag. Southwest will also have special deals. Dealers attending will also receive a Dave and Busters Powerplay card worth 48 credits!

"See the lastest products in Pioneer's exciting 2010 line up." - Rod Ulrich

"See the lastest products in Pioneer's exciting 2010 line up." Rod Ulrich

Rod Ulrich, Southwest Electronix VP, told 12voltnews.com “Pioneer and Metra are working closely with us on this 2 city swing.  Product knowledge many times will be the key to closing a sale. It’s extremely important for 12volt retailers to take advantage of every opportunity to increase their product knowledge and selling techniques”.

Many retailers across Texas didn’t attend CES 2010. “If you didn’t make it out to Las Vegas now is your chance to see the latest in Pioneer’s impressive 2010 product line. In addition you can learn the key features and see how to sell those benefits to consumers. Pioneer, Southwest and I personally want you to have this product knowledge” Steve Hirsh relayed to 12voltnews.com. As a Technical Training Specialist for Pioneer’s Mobile Group Hirsh travels the US to prepare retailers to be fully equipped to demonstrate and sell the Pioneer line.

Metra is a key component in many sales and installations. Metra”s Tom Comenole will be on hand in San Antonio and Dallas to highlight the latest Metra, Tsunami and Axxess products for 2010. Comenole noted to 12voltnews.com in a telephone interview “We have so many exciting products in each brand’s 2010 line. I will present new Axxess steering wheel controls and how to use these interfaces. We have solutions for the Ford SYNC. You won’t believe the look on the new Metra kits with water transfer process finish. And there will be even more to see at these 2 meetings”.

“We are so excited about these sessions. We are urging all our dealers to attend. It will be and fast paced evening with a big, long lasting payout for dealers who attend” David Hammond, David Benge, Spencer Ulrich and Jason Heim collectively noted to 12voltnews.com.

Pioneer’s Richard Ortiz will be on hand with the 5 Axis system rocking in his demo ride. Ortiz said “These sessions are open to all Pioneer dealers. We look to pack the house”.

12voltnews.com urges all Texas retailers to attend one of these events. We all put in full days and like our time in the evening. That being said, look at the pros and cons of attending one of these events at Dave and Busters. Honestly, the pros will far outweigh the cons. Put one of these sessions on your calendar as a must.

Get registered now. For info please call 1-800-442-0820 or email your Southwest representative.


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