SiriusXM Ad Campaign Creates Awareness

Sirius  NewspaperNew York, NY – SiriusXM satellite radio continues to provide 12volt retailers with opportunities to profitably market innovative products and engage new customers.

Every so often, something or someone comes along and changes everything. They open your eyes, open your ears and turn the world on its head. Now, the bar has been raised once again – with satellite radio. Hear every genre of music – commercial-free. Hear your favorite teams from every major sport, no matter where you live. Hear everything from family comedy to uncensored comedy, exclusive talk to political talk – not to mention a collection of the biggest stars all in one place. It’s a new way to listen, and it’s only on SiriusXM.

The major branding campaign currently running is attracting millions of eyeballs and creating consumer awareness. The 2-page spread in “USA Today” during Thanksgiving week, plus major exposure on network television and cable, definitely delivers the message that SiriusXM has changed radio.

holidayFor the SiriusXM campaign four icons, who made seismic and lasting changes in their respective fields, are highlighted. Elvis Presley changed music and SiriusXM is changing how we listen to it. Michael Jordan changed sports and SiriusXM is changing how we follow them. Richard Pryor changed comedy and SiriusXM is changing how we laugh with it. Howard Stern changed radio and now SiriusXM is changing it again.

12volt retailers should tap into the Sirius XM campaign wholeheartedly. Activation commission is available, profit on hardware and accessories is available plus custom installation dollars are available.

Various Holiday Music Channel programming can create the holiday spirit through out your store. Tune in and enjoy.

SiriusXM has changed the face of radio forever.

For more info please visit sirius.com.