Mobile Electronics Specialists of America debuts.

mesaAUSTIN,TX – The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (M.E.S.A.) has announced the group’s formation as the RETAILER MEMBER OWNED marketing and brand focused buying group in the mobile electronics category. M.E.S.A. aims to create synergy among the nation’s most innovative and successful mobile electronics specialists by enhancing member marketing strategies, group advertising, web services and strategic vendor interaction. M.E.S.A. membership is limited to a selected group of retailers only, as outlined in the Group’s by-laws.

The Board of Directors also announced that it has invested extensive time and resources into sales reporting platforms which will assist in enhancing strategic partnerships with selected vendor partners.

Mike Cofield President Custom Sounds, Austin TX and President of The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America

Mike Cofield President Custom Sounds, Austin TX and President of The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America

The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America will be a cohesive voice for the Independent Specialty Retailer and will help create a balance in the Marketplace. Mike Cofield the group’s president told 12voltnews.com; “The best independent retailers in the mobile electronics business are positioned for growth and success as we head into the next decade. A group of the best mobile electronics retailers felt it was in retailers, vendors, and reps best interest to engage in a tight and effective national group focused on selling and marketing products with the highest degree of professionalism, along with continuing to create exciting consumer experiences in each member’s store. Sharing best practices amongst each member and strengthening the vendor and retailer relationship is paramount to all specialists as we move forward.” M.E.S.A has established a limited amount of retailer and vendor membership positions. Each member will be admitted to the Group after an application review by its board of directors. M.E.S.A will provide retailers with specific objectives and benefits as part of the membership agreement.
There are two types of retailer memberships in M.E.S.A., owner members and associate members. The number of owner members is targeted at 50.

Cofield concluded “M.E.S.A. will be comprised of retailers who are in control of their sales floor.  We have exciting plans for our members to implement. Already, we have a TV commercial and 10 radio spots in the can – and these spots are smokin’ hot.  January 1st, 2010 is the official kick off”.

The Board of Directors includes: The Group’s President is Mike Cofield, President of Custom Sounds headquartered in Austin TX. The Vice President is John Coleman, President of Stereo King in Portland Oregon. Three additional board members are Rick Snelson, President, Car Fi Springfield MO; Charles Weisel, President The Specialists, Tucson AZ; and Mehdi Narimanian, President, Sound of Tri State Claymont DE. Two additional board members will be appointed within the next 30 days. Vendor partnerships will begin to be announced within the next 10 days.

For more information contact, Mike Cofield at 512 418 9293; or John Coleman at 503 704 0111; or Charlie Weisel at 520 795 4300; or Rick Snelson at 417 882 5511; or Mehdi Narimanian at 302 792 9004 or in the near future visit www.me-specialists.com or call  877 770 MESA (6372)