dB Drag / USACi Finals Approaching

Ralph Randall, USACi

Ralph Randall, USACi

The ground will shake in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 3rd – 4th, but it won’t be an earthquake. The joint dB Drag Racing / USACi Finals will be rockin’ the Tulsa Convention Center.

“The word is definitely getting out on the streets of Tulsa and surrounding areas” Ralph Randall, USACi president told 12voltnews.com. “Competitors for both dB Drag Racing and USACi are accumulating points and gearing up for the event. Local retailers are signing up for booths along with 12 volt vendors.”

Fliers and posters are already being distributed in the market through 12 volt dealers and other retailers in the area. Billboards and radio campaigns will begin in the near future.

“dB Drag Racing is looking forward to a great event in Tulsa. Our competitors tell us they are ready to compete and set new records. The central U.S. location and support from CarToys in Tulsa are real advantages this year.” – Wayne Harris, dB Drag Racing president.

CarToys, the presenting retailer, will be promoting a mega car stereo sale in conjunction with the dB Drag Racing / USACi join t finals at the Tulsa Convention Center. CarToys is also promoting the finals at various local events prior to the finals. The upcoming Import Face-off and drag strip events will be key venues to spread the word. On the 12 volt vendor side Soundstream has stepped up to the plate with a number of on site initiatives to excite the crowd as well as hosting the after party.

“We are planning a number of crowd pleasing activities as well as sponsoring the Slick Chix Oil Wrestling,” Soundstream’s Grizz Archer told 12voltnews.com. “It will be an after party to remember. We will also be lending support to our competitors in the lanes.”

CarToys owner Rob Rice stated “We need these types of events to energize consumers and our industry. We are planning to have a great joint dB Drag Racing and USACi Finals plus a big sales event.”

For more information, please visit www.dbdragracing.com or www.soundoff.org.