Integrate Music into a Vehicle from any Portable Device with SoundGate iO CONNECT

iO Connect

STILLWATER, USA – The SoundGate® iO CONNECT™ integrates portable audio devices into any existing car stereo system simply by utilizing the provided 3.5mm minijack plug. It provides a cost-effective, great-sounding solution to music integration on the move, making any trip more exciting with crystal-clear sound quality from the driver or passenger’s personal playlist.

The iO CONNECT is perfect for classic-car owners who seek a stealth audio system and no source unit cluttering a dash. It is compatible with all iPods® and iPhone™, all MP3 players and mobile phones with 3.5mm minijack sockets, or any portable media player, DVD player, or laptop with a headphone socket. It also works with navigation units with 3.5mm line-out sockets.

iO ConnectUsing the small, 60-watt Class D amplifier installed behind the dash, iO CONNECT helps intensify the audio from any car DVD system as well. It also provides a Ghost Mute feature that allows voice instructions from satellite navigation units through any two speakers while retaining source audio in the other speakers. And it’s all managed with iO AudioSense technology (patent pending) that automatically switches between connected devices and the original audio source.

iO CONNECT includes a ground-loop isolation chip that guarantees no interference and utmost sound quality from the stereo system.

For more information please visit www.soundgate.com.